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Bouncing back will require SMBs innovation in work processes, flexible work options and customized products and services

"HP Inc.'s latest study on SMBs in Asia-Pacific, 'Survival to Revival', surveying 1,600 SMBs across eight countries in Asia reveals over 50 percent of small-medium business owners expect not just to survive but thrive following the pandemic and feel that digital transformation will be a key part of this revival. In response, HP is introducing integrated services-based print solutions including an HP Roam for Business bundle to make it easy to print on the go and enhanced HP SecurePrint a flexible, cloud-native solution that releases documents only to authorized users.

Some 60 percent of respondents see digital transformation as key with innovation in work processes, flexible work options and customized products and services identified as future strategies. However, cost effective solutions are required given cashflow remains top of mind and SMBs are unclear where to look or what such solutions are available..."

HP announced it has won the Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab PaceSetter award for manufacturing. Based on in-depth research, this award recognizes the vendors that offer the most impressive portfolios of hardware devices, software solutions, and technical and professional services

"This is especially exciting given the seismic consequences of the past few months on the manufacturing sector.

Nearly 80 percent of manufacturers say the COVID-19 pandemic will have a financial impact on their business, according to a National Association of Manufacturers survey. While huge, that number is not surprising: for the first time in modern history, a simultaneous, global shock to supply, demand and workforce availability have forced manufacturers to come to terms with the risk of decades-long trends such as centralized sourcing focused primarily on economies of scale, just-in-time manufacturing, and procrastinating digital transformation.

Indeed, many manufacturers have faltered during the past several months. But some have survived, even thrived. A crucial reason for this is the role of technology and the digitization of processes and workflows. No longer a nice to have, digital transformation has proven it is a necessity for long term viability in the manufacturing sector..."

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