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Since the arrival of Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop last fall, customers and partners alike are taking a close look at what this platform can do to benefit their business

"Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure is quickly becoming the platform of choice when it comes to delivering Windows 10 from the cloud. Some of the benefits customers are seeing when leveraging Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure include delivering a full Windows 10 experience, virtualizing Microsoft 365 apps to run in multi-user sessions, as well as extending the life of Windows 7 virtual desktops to run legacy applications.

For some customers and service providers, this might seem good enough to deliver cloud-hosted virtual apps and desktops during the current COVID-19 pandemic, where everyone needs remote access for their newly remote workforce. But IT teams are quickly discovering that managing these virtual apps and desktops in their native form can be time consuming and more technically challenging than expected. That's where Citrix Managed Desktops can help!..."

I was joined by a panel of industry experts, including Michael Wheeler-Wyatt, Head of Chrome Enterprise EMEA, Google; So-Young Kang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gnowbe; and Gerard Lavin, Product Strategist, EMEA, Citrix.

"Remote working is nothing new. Yet for most, it has often been available to a small subset of employees. However, COVID-19 and the ensuing mandate to work from home has made remote working the new norm. While some businesses were prepared, in most cases it was a scramble to get workers up and running. Some organisations were able to expand their remote-working policy, but others were required to build a solution from scratch. Only now are business leaders getting a chance to step back and review the impact remote working has had upon their workforce and organisation..."

Company leverages digital workspace solutions on Google Cloud to scale business and deliver personalized treatment to patients around world

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. And with the help of Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) and Google Cloud, Oncology Venture is transforming care for patients around the globe. Leveraging Citrix digital workspace solutions on Google Cloud's platform, the company is able to deliver secure and reliable access to the applications and data the specialists it relies on to develop personalized treatments need and prefer to use in a single, unified experience. On July 28, the company will share the story of its success in a virtual session at Google Cloud NextOnAir..."

Winning The War Against Slow Logons
Citrix News, July 22nd, 2020
Getting to the root cause of slow logons has never been easier, and now it's updated to identify all phases of a Citrix logon, and lots more!

"How long are your logons . . . really?

For years, I worked for one of the largest Citrix-based healthcare customers in Western Canada. Because of the strict security requirements in the healthcare industry, our organization was structured around short idle and disconnect timers, which meant we had tens of thousands of logons per day. With this kind of volume, saving just a single second per logon could mean hours of productivity given back to users. This led me to examine our logon process and scrutinize its details..."

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