Illustrated Guide To Converged Infrastructure And Vendors
SearchConvergedInfrastructure, June 22nd, 2020
June 22, 2020,
Volume 267, Issue 4

Prequalified, turnkey systems from converged infrastructure vendors deliver the flexibility of traditional IT approaches with some of the support and management aspects of HCI.

"Hyper-convergence may be hot, and newcomers disaggregated hyper-converged infrastructure (dHCI) and composable infrastructure might be the talk of the town, but more standard data center architectures aren't going anywhere any time soon. This is particularly true of products from converged infrastructure vendors.

Unlike in HCI, data center components in a converged infrastructure remain separate, which Is traditionally how IT has approached data center architectures. Dissimilar to traditional IT approaches, however, vendors prequalify these components to work together in rack-scale turnkey appliances with a management software toolkit or a reference architecture..."

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