6 Data Breach Prevention Strategies To Defend Against Attack
SearchSecurity, June 26th, 2020
June 26, 2020,
Volume 267, Issue 4

Experts offer six tips about how to improve cybersecurity protection and response plans to mitigate the fallout of data breaches and attacks on sensitive information

"Many enterprise security leaders and teams struggle to get the resources needed to prevent data breaches, but the frequency of attacks and consequences of such events continues to rise. Consider some recent figures: The number of confirmed breaches in 2019 was nearly twice as high as in 2018, according to the "2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report." Meanwhile, the most recent Ponemon Institute report on the subject put the average total cost of a data breach at $3.92 million in 2019, up from $3.86 million for 2018..."

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