How To Make Virtual Sales Meetings More Engaging And Memorable
Business 2 Community, June 23rd, 2020
June 23, 2020,
Volume 267, Issue 4

Sales reps who were selling in person just a few months ago are now steeped in a very different (virtual) reality. But how do salespeople feel about virtual sales meetings, versus in-person presentations?

"Not good. According to our recent industry survey of over 550 B2B sales reps, nearly 70 percent of salespeople don't believe that remote selling is as effective as in-person.

One of biggest reasons, according to respondents, is that participants tend to multi-task. In fact, 88 percent of salespeople believe their prospects and customers are likely to multi-task during virtual sales calls. And 83 percent admitted to checking their own email (among other things) during other people's meetings.

The tendency to multi-task leads to other challenges as well. Sales reps told us that there's very little interaction during online sales meetings. And it's harder to build relationships when you're not meeting face-to-face.

You don't have the luxury of looking your audience in the eye and pulling them back in when you sense their attention is starting to wander. When selling online, you need to use different tactics to get your buyers' attention, keep them focused on your presentation, and make sure they remember your message after the call..."

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