This Is The Right Time To Make The Future Of Work Happen
Forrester, June 22nd, 2020
June 22, 2020,
Volume 267, Issue 4

My job as an analyst requires that I be on the lookout for new things. The trick to finding new things might surprise you

"The most inventive new things will usually be found by watching how old things intersect in new ways. Working from home is an old idea. One of my Ph.D. mentors at Syracuse University, Dr. Rolf Wigand, conducted research into the borderless enterprise stretching back into the 1980s.

He and his colleagues studied the foundations of our present work-from-home response to COVID-19 - telework, computer-mediated communication - long before most of us had email addresses or were even alive in some of your cases. What's new about working from home is that the interaction between remote work and everything else - the pandemic, pervasive connectivity, cheap cameras, a tech-literate workforce - has made this old idea compellingly and urgently new...

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