The 10 Fastest Supercomputers Are Led By One 2.8X Faster Than The Rest
Networkworld, June 23rd, 2020
June 23, 2020,
Volume 267, Issue 4

The TOP500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers for June 2020 is led by an ARM-powered machine that performs 415.5PFLOP/sec and that can be tuned to handle AI apps at 1 exaFLOP/sec

"The newly crowned fastest supercomputer in the world according to the current TOP500 list of the world's fastest buried the reigning champion by turning in speeds that were 2.8 times faster.

The ARM-powered Supercomputer Fugaku in Japan scoring a speed of 415.5PFLOP/sec as measured when solving a dense system of linear equations, which is known as the High Performance Linpack (HPL)..."

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