5 Things For Leaders To Know When Implementing Open Source
The Enterprisers Project, June 22nd, 2020
Introducing an open source tool the wrong way can turn your users against not only the tool, but also change in general. Consider these 5 factors when implementing open source

"You've heard it before: Open source is everywhere. It's in your pocket, it's on your computer, it's in your organization.

The world has relied, famously, on open technology like TCP/IP, DNS, Apache, SSL and TLS, and so much more, for decades.

But those technologies are generally considered developer tools..."

7 Open Source Alternatives To vs Code, June 22nd, 2020
Avoid Microsoft's proprietary VS Code build and opt for an open source code editor instead

"Visual Studio Code, also known as VS Code, is a code editor for Linux, Windows, and macOS. It's the kind of editor that walks the line between editing text and managing your entire codebase, like an integrated development environment (IDE). It's extensible through plugins and has proven to be a reliable text editor that's easily beaten out formidable non-open rival editors.

Microsoft released VS Code as open source, but the version you download from Microsoft is not open source. However, you have several options for using VS Code as open source or selecting one of its open source alternatives..."

Calc Guide 6.4
The Document Foundation, June 23rd, 2020
The LibreOffice Documentation Team announces the release of the LibreOffice Calc Guide 6.4, the complete handbook for the spreadsheet tool of LibreOffice

"LibreOffice Calc is the spreadsheet module of LibreOffice, capable of creating and edit complex spreadsheets, from simple calculations to 'What if.' manner by changing some of the data and observing the results without having to retype the entire spreadsheet or sheet. Other features provided by Calc include

  • Functions, which can be used to create formulas to perform complex calculations on data.
  • Database functions to arrange, store, and filter data.
  • Dynamic charts, including a wide range of 2D and 3D charts.
  • Macros for recording and executing repetitive tasks; scripting languages supported include LibreOffice Basic, Python, BeanShell, and JavaScript.
  • Ability to open, edit, and save Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Import and export of spreadsheets in multiple formats, including HTML, CSV, PDF, and PostScript.

The release of the Guide is an effort of the documentation team of the LibreOffice Community, a group of skilled individuals that contributes to create the best reference guides for all LibreOffice modules, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, database and math equations..."

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