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Technology has dramatically changed over the last decade, and so has how we build and deliver enterprise software

"Ten years ago, 'modern computing' was to rely on teams of network admins managing data centers, running one application per server, deploying monolithic services, through waterfall, manual releases managed by QA and release managers.

Today, we have multi and hybrid clouds, serverless services, in continuous integration, running infrastructure-as-code..."

Best Agile Team Size For High Performance?
Business 2 Community, June 24th, 2020
What is the Ideal Agile Team Size for High Performance?

"Are you wondering if your agile team is too big or too small, or what is the optimal team size for high performance? We will explore just that question in this blog post. Chances are, your team is bigger than it could be.

My Experience with Different Team Sizes

I recently compiled a list of every team I had trained and coached since I began coaching in 2012. Turns out that I have helped nearly 100 teams from 20 companies so far. Wow! Even I had not realized the number was so high. And I added to that list the agile team size.

Some teams were just OK, and some were truly high performing teams. And the agile team size varied quite a bit, from teams as small as four to teams as large as 13..."

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