While AI deployments are picking up steam, challenges to success, both technical and cultural, abound

"One of the biggest challenges is the lack of alignment among the three pillars of enterprise AI success: business users who are closest to the data, data engineers charged with keeping the data pipes open, and data scientists who make AI work. This lack of alignment typically means that data science teams find themselves 'boiling the ocean' without a clear scope, while data engineers don't know what data sets to focus on - which can lead to very disappointing results for AI projects. Only by aligning these groups around a standard data science methodology can consistent AI success be achieved..."

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): 8 Habits Of Successful Teams
The Enterprisers Project, June 16th, 2020
How can you successfully scale Robotic Process Automation in your organization? Consider these practices of teams that are beating the challenges and reaping benefits of RPA

"Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is potentially one of the most low-risk and high-value automation approaches available to the enterprise. RPA tools let you program a bot to perform any number of tasks typically performed by humans, freeing those people up to devote their time to more important tasks..."

There must be a better way, some lament

"It is taking too long, some say, and we need to try a different alternative.

What are those comments referring to?

They are referring to the efforts underway for the development of AI-based self-driving driverless autonomous cars.

There are currently billions upon billions of dollars being expended towards trying to design, develop, build, and field a true self-driving car..."

Artificial intelligence is no magical solution but the technology has real-world uses in a variety of enterprise systems, especially around analytics and anomaly detection use cases

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is something every IT organization must have in place to succeed. Or so you would think given the steady hype exhorting the technology's importance.

Yes, AI can provide business value. No, it's not going to magically solve all your organization's issues..."

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