The Problem With Artificial Intelligence In Security
Dark Reading, May 26th 2020
May 26, 2020,
Volume 266, Issue 4

Any notion that AI is going to solve the cyber skills crisis is very wide of the mark. Here's why

"If you believed everything you read, artificial intelligence (AI) is the savior of cybersecurity. According to Capgemini, 80% of companies are counting on AI to help identify threats and thwart attacks. That's a big ask to live up to because, in reality, few nonexperts really understand the value of AI to security or whether the technology can effectively address information security's many potential use cases.

A cynic would call out the proliferation of claims about using AI for what it is - marketing hype. Even the use of the term "AI" is misleading. "Artificial intelligence" makes it sound like the technology has innate generalized intelligence that can tackle different problems. In reality, what you have in most cases is a machine learning (ML) algorithm that has been tuned for a specific task..."

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