HDD Failure Rates Based On 129,764 HDDs Running At Backblaze
Storage Newsletter, May 15th, 2020
May 15, 2020,
Volume 266, Issue 2

1.07%, lowest percentage for any quarter since 2013

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats Q1 2020

"As of March 31, 2020, Backblaze had 132,339 spinning hard drives in our cloud storage ecosystem spread across four data centers. Of that number, there were 2,380 boot drives and 129,959 data drives. This review looks at the Q1 2020 and lifetime hard drive failure rates of the data drive models currently in operation in our data centers and provides a handful of insights and observations along the way. In addition, near the end of the post, we review a few 2019 predictions we posed a year ago. As always, we look forward to your comments..."

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