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Wayback Wednesday: Slow Down There, Buddy
ComputerWorld, May 13th, 2020
When you inherited that problem, did you think you were supposed to fix it?

"As a sysadmin at this manufacturing plant, this pilot fish is aware of the problems that persistently plague a database that sits on a server that another admin is responsible for.

'About once a quarter, users would start complaining about how slow the database was,' says fish. 'The database sysadmin would be questioned extensively by management and given hell for the problems on his systems..."

This Business Has Gone To The Dogs
ComputerWorld, May 12th, 2020
A simple visit to the office goes very wrong

"It's 1979, and this pilot fish is a Fortran programmer at a company that rents space in a warehouse. Walk in the door, and you're in a large room filled with PDP-11 computers, surrounded by smaller rooms used as offices.

One day through that door walks a woman come to visit her programmer husband, along with their large dog - which immediately runs into one of the offices and hides under a desk, its front paws over its head.

No enticement will get the dog out of that office, or even out of its defensive posture..."

Let's give her points for at least suspecting there might be a better way

"Pilot fish is working on solving a problem at a user's desk when the user asks about something unrelated: Is it possible to change a weekly customer list report so it prints out a customer's entire ID number, instead of just the first four digits?..."

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