The COVID-19 pandemic is casting doubt on whether ERP and enterprise business applications projects should move forward. Here's help on deciding

"The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every aspect of business life, and that includes ERP implementations and other enterprise application projects. As a CIO or project leader, you must work with other decision-makers to quickly reevaluate your technology priorities.

Regardless of the amount of time, effort and money invested in your enterprise business application project, you have a decision to make: Should you carry on with an ERP implementation, pause it or cancel it?..."

Open Source ERP Systems For Manufacturing, May 14th, 2020
Why forward-thinking manufacturers rely on all-in-one solutions to respond to rapidly changing consumer demands, market forces, and competition

"Today's manufacturing challenges demand integrated systems. As current events in the world unfold, the manufacturing industry is seeing rapidly changing demand, falling capacity to meet demand, and supply bottlenecks that have become difficult to predict and manage. On top of all of this is the global economic downturn, which impacts many manufacturers and suppliers today and for the foreseeable future...."

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