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Guest Voices: The Bogus-Ness Of Employment At-Will
Ask The Headhunter, May 11th, 2020
In the May 12, 2020 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter we launch the new Guest Voices section and get a lawyer's view of employment at-will

"Top executives don't often accept jobs without employment contracts in the United States. These contracts define the terms of employment including job title, compensation, what happens upon termination, and much more. It's why you read about executives departing companies with tasty severance deals and money in their pockets without complaint. They work out these deals when they get hired and lock them in place legally.

Working without a net

Everyone else gets a job offer letter. This means you. Why are executives protected, while you accept a job offer to work without a safety net?..."

As the uncertainties over when and how businesses might regain normalcy in the face of the coronavirus, U.S. companies are pulling back on IT staffing and contractors

"It's not yet at the level of 'Brother, can you spare a dime?' for IT workers, as it is for many workers in retail, entertainment, and hospitality. But as it becomes apparent the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will be take several years, IT pros are seeing layoffs in the U.S. and diminished prospects for future work, both as staff and as contractors.

In April 2020, IT pros saw 102,300 layoffs in the U.S., according to management consulting firm Janco Associates. And Janco has now more than halved the expected IT job growth in 2020 that it predicted just a month ago - to 40,000 versus the earlier prediction of 95,400 IT jobs.

Janco's current projection for U.S. IT jobs this year is now 3.6 million, down from 2019's 3.7 million U.S. IT jobs..."

5 Ways To Attract Top IT Talent
The Enterprisers Project, May 12th, 2020
Attracting and retaining the most talented IT candidates takes a little extra creativity. Consider this expert advice on cause, community, passion, and more

"In a world of rapid innovation and technological breakthroughs, enterprises are scrambling to attract - and keep - top talent. The future of technology lies with the boldest and brightest minds - those that won't settle for a cause they don't believe in.

Building a compelling brand that attracts talent may seem like a daunting task: How do you stay ahead of the competition? How can you ensure your culture is attractive to the younger generation while also attracting those with more experience?..."

Is Remote Work Here To Stay?
HelpNet Security, May 12th, 2020
There's no doubt COVID-19 set the remote work revolution on a fast track

"And on that fast track, VPN usage soared to new heights with no signs of it slowing down. Companies had no choice but to close up shop and send their workers home, and just as quickly had to figure out how to secure that workforce.

But just how big is the spike? In a study conducted by OpenVPN, 30% of employees polled say their company recently implemented remote work capabilities for the first time. 61% already had remote work rules in place..."

A new report from Kudelski Security provides companies tips for how to recruit and retain talent up for the digital challenges of tomorrow

"The market for top cybersecurity talent will remain competitive in the years ahead, as this first-line network defense is prioritized and buttressed for the rigors of tomorrow. Gartner estimates that nearly two million security positions will remain vacant through 2022. To provide organizations with insights to identify, recruit, and train premium cybersecurity professionals, Kudelski Security released a report titled "Cyber Business Executive Research: Building the Future of Security Leadership."

The report was created in partnership with the firm's Client Advisory Council and utilizes information gleaned from surveys and interviews with more than 100 American and European CISOs..."

The lack of women in IT leadership demonstrates the current need for deeper investment in the next generation of women in technology

"Women are vastly underrepresented across the IT industry, making up just 31% of the IT workforce. The research is split on whether the trend is heading in the right direction. One study shows that women made up only 11% of the workforce just a few years ago, but a study conducted by the American Association of University Women found that the number of American women in computing has fallen over the past few decades -- from 35% in 1990 to just 26%..."

Few things are more important to a technical professional than their education

"And, unsurprisingly, professional development never stops, even for those in the midst of a long and successful career. But finding opportunities to accrue new skills that fit within the confines of a tight work schedule and budget are often hard to come by. That's why there's the Complete Developer and IT Pro Library from LearnNow.

The Complete Developer and IT Pro Library is a one-stop-shop for casual technical learning. It offers subscribers access to over 750 different courses in a range of specialties, so virtually everyone can find something that'll propel their careers to new heights. And, since the courses are delivered online, they're far more convenient and economical than traditional learning models..."

The popularity of cloud-based platforms is plain to see

"They allow corporations to efficiently meet the needs of customers while reducing the amount of capital invested in technological infrastructure. When you consider the benefits, it's difficult to imagine a scenario where anyone would choose to go to the trouble of purchasing and running their own servers ever again.

Of course, then, that means that IT professionals need to augment their training if they want to remain at the top of their field. After all, if everyone is transitioning to the cloud, then it's expected that their technical teams will need to know how to set up, navigate, and maintain those new systems. This makes The All-Level AWS Cloud Professional Bootcamp so timely, especially considering that it's offered at over 90 percent off the original value right now..."

IT Careers: 8 Telling Statistics On Jobs And Hiring Now
The Enterprisers Project, May 15th, 2020
What's happening in the IT jobs market during the pandemic? What roles are more or less in demand? Let's dig into some recent IT careers data points

"This is a time of uncertainty for everyone in every industry, about job prospects and job security - among many other things. Will people in IT who play their cards right avoid the worst of the impacts on the economy? It may depend on your specialty.

'In IT right now, if it's value-based and companies can make money off of it, I think salaries will go up - one of the few areas where salaries will be going up,' says Jay A. Block, a career coach, author, and coach to other career coaches..."

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