Future Laptops Will Be Able To Handle Massive 16K USB-C Monitors, Thanks To DisplayPort 2.0
reviewgeek, May 1st, 2020
May 10, 2020,
Volume 266, Issue 1

If you're hoping to one day drive a full Iron Man-style monitor array with just an inexpensive laptop sitting on your desk, you should check out the latest standards published by VESA

"The updated DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 includes support for an enormous amount of video data going over the increasingly standard USB-C cable interface," writes Michael Crider in reviewgeek.

"The new spec lets some of the rails in the cable previously reserved for data (things like external hard drives or network cards) be dedicated to full video output in the alternate mode. This allows the DisplayPort standard to drive a massive amount of pixels across an array of monitors on a single cable. The maximum resolution for a single monitor would theoretically be 16K at 60 hertz - a total resolution of 15,360 x 8,460. In more relatable terms, that's the same resolution as sixty-four 1080p HD monitors in an 8x8 grid..."

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