Java 14 - 'It Feels Like The Early Days Of Java'
jaxenter, March 17th, 2020
March 17, 2020,
Volume 264, Issue 3

For the release of Java 14 we talked to Java expert Dr. Heinz Kabutz. What does he like and dislike about Java 14? What is he currently working on? What does he still find disturbing in 2020?

"JAXenter: What do you think is the most important new feature in Java 14?

Dr. Heinz Kabutz: A few months ago, Brian Goetz complained on the Java Champion mailing list that they were not getting enough feedback on their preview features. As a result, I decided to from now on always run my website on the latest preview version of Java. If you look at the website right now, you will see 'Running on Java 14-ea+29-1384 (Preview)' at the top. It is a bit of work to do this. Besides my master branch, I have three other branches for the Java 14 features: java14-preview, jep359 (records) and jep368 (text blocks). I generally work in master, but then rebase the three other branches off that..."

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