Rachel Berry looks at how VMware seems best poised to lead the way when it comes to AR/VR streaming, and she also talks with Ben Jones of The GRID Factory

"In Part 1 of our AR and VR for business update, we covered VMware's progress in supporting the management of both AR/VR endpoints (e.g., headsets such as the Pico, Vive, Oculus) and also their work on developing some interesting support for applications. However, we still had some questions on whether the VMware graphics stack was ready for the demands of graphical demands of VR..."

Hilton is using Oculus virtual reality (VR) technology to train employees across its 6,000 resorts and properties on facilities, operations and empathy, according to a March 10 article published by Oculus parent company Facebook

"Hilton is one of a few examples of organizations that have turned to immersive technology to tackle empathy training. In October 2019, the University of California, Berkeley, announced plans to adopt VR to train learners on handling "challenging interpersonal moments." VR solutions firm Talespin announced last year it had developed a tool for training workers on communication, empathy and leadership using scenarios like a termination meeting..."

Where's The Zoom Of VR?
Tech Crunch, March 16th, 2020
Remote collaboration tools like Zoom are gathering massive amounts of attention as people begin working from home en masse

"But, as with most trends, virtual reality seems to be sitting out this boom.

This should be surprising to absolutely no one, but the lack of widespread adoption is not for lack of trying.

Virtual reality has already had a rough couple of years. Though a handful of startups in the space have continued to raise and find customers, most have done so by either committing to tight niches or opening up their services and minimizing their reliance on VR-only audiences. All the while, investors and founders have been left to wonder whether the 'presence' offered by immersing yourself wholly in a digital environment is undone by crude avatars, clunky hardware and lackluster integrations with popular work software tools..."

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