How To Tame Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Anxiety
The Enterprisers Project, March 16th, 2020
Robotic Process Automation should be a positive - a chance to reduce drudge work

"But when some people hear RPA, they think job loss: Here are 5 ways leaders can manage fears...

The phrase Robotic Process Automation (RPA) itself can breed anxiety. It sounds a bit dystopian: Here come the robots - and when they arrive, their first order of business will be to take over our jobs.

The truth about RPA is not necessarily so bleak. For starters, there is no army of physical robots marching toward your office. But it is a form of automation that, if deployed with any kind of significant scale, will very likely impact some people in your organization's day-to-day job duties...."

Why Isn't Machine Learning Living Up To The Hype?
InformationWeek, March 18th, 2020
An obsession with tasks is leading to marginal returns on tech investments. Now is the time to rethink our approaches to machine learning

"When chief information officers think about their organizations and where machine learning might be deployed, the process often begins with an inventory of tasks.

The CIOs and department leaders identify routine, repeatable processes that humans can pass off to computers. Then the operations and IT teams set up targeted programs to make those tasks more efficient..."

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