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The 2020 IT Priorities Survey from Computer Weekly and TechTarget confirms enterprise datacentres remain the deployment site of choice for many workloads, but stepping up the use of cloud is a top investment plan for firms this year

"On-premise datacentres remain the most prevalent deployment environment for enterprise IT workloads, despite IT leaders across the UK and Ireland setting out plans to devote more of their budgets to cloud migration projects.

That's according to data accrued from the Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities 2020 survey, which quizzed 383 UK and Ireland-based IT decision-makers about their business technology purchasing plans for the year ahead..."

A survey of 415 IT executives published today shows IT teams are struggling to keep up as the number of platforms that need to be managed continues to expand rapidly

"Conducted by Propeller Insights on behalf of Volterra, a provider of a distributed computing platform, the survey finds 97% are planning to distribute workloads across two or more clouds. The top three reasons cited for adopting multiple clouds were the need to maximize availability and reliability (63%), meeting regulatory and compliance requirements (47%), and leveraging best-of-breed services from each provider (42%)...."

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