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An Accenture survey highlights the moving parts behind 5G deployments in the enterprise

"Enterprises believe 5G will have a big impact on their businesses, but have security concerns, according to an Accenture survey.

Accenture, which surveyed more than 2,600 business and technology decision makers in 12 industries, found that 79% of respondents thought 5G would have a significant impact on their organizations. And 57% said 5G would be revolutionary..."

5G Expands To 378 Cities Across 34 Countries
TechRepublic, February 27th, 2020
South Korea has the highest number of cities with 5G availability, followed by China, the US, and the UK, according to a report from network testing provider VIAVI

"Mobile carriers around the world are racing to deploy 5G with its promise of faster speeds and lower latency. As organizations and consumers wait to tap into the latest flavor of cellular technology, carriers have amped up their 5G rollouts over the past year. A report released Thursday by VIAVI shows the progress being made in expanding 5G throughout the globe..."

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