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A Beginner's Guide To Everything DevOps, February 27th, 2020
Take a fresh look at why DevOps is important, what it means for IT professionals, and its methods, frameworks, and tools

"A great deal has happened since DevOps became a common term in the IT world. With so much of the ecosystem being open source, it's important to review why it started and what it means to IT careers.

What is DevOps?

While there is no single definition, I consider DevOps to be a process framework that ensures collaboration between development and operations teams to deploy code to production environments faster in a repeatable and automated way. We will spend the rest of this article unpacking that statement..."

Puppet's 2019 State of DevOps Report Card gives high marks to the technology industry for DevOps practices and security integration, but the government sector didn't fare so well

"There are a number of development and operational practices that are part of DevOps, and not every industry is adopting all of those practices at the same rate. That's one of the key findings in the 2019 State of DevOps: Industry Report Card, released at the end of January by DevOps vendor Puppet.

The 40-page report is based on Puppet's 8th annual State of DevOps survey, which benefits from the input of 3,000 technical professionals. Alanna Brown, senior director of community and developer relations at Puppet, told ITPro Today that the State of DevOps: Industry Report Card slices Puppet's 2019 survey data by industry and grades each industry based on their DevOps practices and security integration. The industries analyzed were financial services, retail, telecom, government and technology..."

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