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How 4 CISOs Handle Stress On The Job
CIODive, February 25th, 2020
Nearly 90% of CISOs say they are under moderate or high stress, according to a Nominet survey

"Regardless of the company, industry or geographic location, the chief information security officer role is not for the faint of heart.

Nearly 90% of CISOs say they are under moderate or high stress, according to a Nominet survey of C-suite executives and CISOs. Of those CISOs, 48% say stress took a toll on their mental health.

Cybersecurity jobs might as well have stress built into the job description..."

97% Of IT Leaders Worried About Insider Data Breaches
HelpNet Security, February 24th, 2020
A staggering 97% of IT leaders say insider breach risk is a significant concern, according to a survey by Egress

"78% think employees have put data at risk accidentally in the past 12 months and 75% think employees have put data at risk intentionally. When asked about the implications of these breaches, 41% say financial damage would be the area of greatest impact.

More than 500 IT leaders and 5000 employees were surveyed across the UK, US and Benelux regions..."

5 Key Trends Enterprises Must Address In 2020
InformationWeek, February 27th, 2020
It's become tougher to be a technology customer in the wake of privacy scandals and ethical problems. Here are 5 key trends enterprises must address for 2020, according to Accenture

"Are your enterprise's partners, customers, and employees growing weary of unfulfilled technology and innovation promises? Maybe there's a sense of resentment about technologies that don't work as promised. Or perhaps there's some concern about what's being sacrificed to pave the way for this technological progress.

Fueled by headlines about the questionable ethics of big tech platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, this "techlash," or backlash, is directed against Silicon Valley tech firms and innovation..."

Recommendations include increasing collaboration, reducing complexity, and covering off on basics

"As the attack landscape expands, CISOs must become more strategic and proactive.

'They're already dealing with very porous infrastructures that result from the business building products and services quickly without input from security teams,' says Wolfgang Goerlich, CISO Advisor with Cisco.

Also, the pace of business hasn't slowed. Cloud, digital transformation, and mobile services have all contributed to what he calls 'legacy debt,' with CISOs working hard to gain control..."

Adapting to change is a key survival skill for every modern CIO. Two prominent CIO leaders share their advice on how to thrive in today's rapidly-changing digital environment

"In recent years, the CIO role has evolved from a legacy position focused on infrastructure to a business role where growth and innovation are table stakes. This shift represents an evolution from the traditional to transformational CIO.

For your health, well-being, and edification, I assembled a table that summarizes these changes:..."

Cisco published its sixth annual CISO Benchmark Report surveying the security posture of 2,800 security professionals from 13 countries around the globe

"Digital transformation continues to present itself as an opportunity for IT and security leaders to innovate and gain competitive advantage. But it also carries a tsunami of infrastructure change, which often creates new challenges for security professionals with defeating unknown sophisticated threats looming as a top concern.

In today's security landscape, the average company uses more than 20 security technologies. While vendor consolidation is steadily increasing with 86 percent of organizations using between 1 and 20 vendors, more than 20 percent feel that managing a multi-vendor environment is very challenging, which has increased by 8 percent since 2017. Other notable findings:..."

Information Age speaks to Niki Trigoni, CTO at Navenio, about what qualities are needed to make the CTO role a success

"The CTO role is one of the most challenging in business, a mixture of technical excellence and now, strategic thinking is needed to succeed in the position.

But, what does this mean? How can the technical CTO evolve and ultimately, succeed in their role?..."

Gartner: 10 Rules To Reduce IT Spending
CIODIVE, February 26th, 2020
It is commonly believed that 'you can't cut your way to growth,' but you can cut your way to survival

"CIOs are facing increasing pressure to reach immediate IT cost savings, but in a way that has the least damage to the long-term health of the business. This is particularly difficult to achieve when global IT spending is projected to reach nearly $4 trillion this year alone.

To do so, CIOs need to have a thorough understanding of all IT items in the profit/loss statement and the balance sheet, which is usually not under their direct purview.

Here are 10 rules of rapid spend reduction that help CIOs rise to the pressing challenge of IT cost savings..."

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