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16 Tips To Manage Cloud Costs
Business 2 Community, February 28th, 2020
Looking for ways to manage cloud costs?

"If you use the cloud, the answer should always be yes. If you don't have proper management of your cloud spend, then you could end up spending more than you actually need to. We've compiled a list of tips/best practices that will help guide you to track and rightsize cloud spend and align capacity and performance to actual demand so your cloud environment is optimized..."

Compare Serverless Tools And Services In The Public Cloud
SearchCloudComputing, February 26th, 2020
Don't let your IT teams get consumed by infrastructure management tasks. Review these serverless compute offerings for more efficient application development

"Infrastructure management and server maintenance can bog down IT teams and pull their focus away from more critical and complex tasks. Serverless computing removes those hurdles by shifting infrastructure management responsibilities to the cloud provider.

Serverless computing -- also referred to as function as a service (FaaS) -- is an event-driven model in which functions are units of code that execute in response to predefined or on-demand triggers. Serverless functions can be used to run code, build mobile and web applications, manage containers and handle other cloud computing tasks..."

The Birth Of The Distributed Cloud
TheNextPlatform, February 25th, 2020
There is a seismic shift that is about to reshape enterprise IT

"Due to key trends like AI and IoT, applications and data as encapsulated in their supporting infrastructure are increasingly being spread across multiple datacenters - some on premises and some in multiple clouds - and edge sites.

This is a sharp demarcation from today's IT environment, where organizations rely largely on traditional datacenters and individual clouds. According to Gartner, over half of enterprise-generated data will be produced and processed outside traditional datacenters or a single centralized cloud by 2022, compared to just 10 percent today. By 2025, they forecast that number will climb as high as 75 percent to 90 percent..."

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