8 HR Technology Trends CHROs Should Investigate In 2020
SearchHRSoftware, February 14th, 2020
February 14, 2020,
Volume 263, Issue 2

Many emerging HR technologies are solidly in the realm of 'must-haves,' while others remain hype. Here's some advice to help you discern which is which

"The number of HR technology choices have exploded in the last few years. That means there's more pressure on HR leaders to separate what's hype from what's helpful.

As a chief HR officer, chief people officer or other HR leader, you'll need to identify which software is truly helpful and reject technology that doesn't really bring value. That means choosing the tools that support your strategy and leaving aside those that qualify as "shiny new objects."

Here are eight HR technology trends for 2020 that you'll want to research..."

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