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6 Keys To Digital Transformation Success
Information Week, February 14th, 2020
Nearly every enterprise is undergoing a digital transformation. Some are more successful than others. Here are 6 factors shared by the successful ones

"Digital transformation has truly arrived, with nearly all enterprise organizations are engaging in some form of transformation or else planning one. That's according to a new survey conducted by Hanover Research and commissioned by AHEAD, an enterprise cloud provider.

But how are these transformations going? That's another question entirely. A full 36% of organizations are behind schedule, according to the survey that analyzed 293 responses to the poll of key IT decision makers at US-based companies. Yet still more were on target to hit their planned schedules at 44%. Another 14% reported being ahead of schedule. Still, 6% reported being stalled..."

8 Ways CIOs Can Use Technology In Meetings
SearchCIO, February 13th, 2020
Meetings can be frustrating, as they often lead to scheduling and technical complications -- but today, enterprises are utilizing technology in meeting rooms to make them more beneficial

"In the workplace, meetings serve a vital role in keeping everyone on the same page, but they can also be a painful experience owing to technical glitches, scheduling challenges and lack of focus. To streamline this process, enterprises have started adopting technology in meetings..."

"Business meetings needing a makeover is not new news," said Trevor Schulze, CIO at RingCentral, a unified communications platform. "Most people feel like they're going from meeting to meeting and getting very little value out of them."

Report: The vast majority of interviewed CISO executives (88%) report high levels of stress, a third report stress-caused physical health issues, half report mental health issues

"Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs, or CSOs) across the industry are reporting high levels of stress.

Many say the heightened stress levels has led to mental and physical health issues, relationship problems, medication and alcohol abuse, and in some cases, an eventual burnout, resulting in an average 26-month tenure before CISOs find new employment.

The numbers, reported by Nominet, represent a growing issue that's been commonly acknowledged, but mostly ignored across the information security (infosec) community, but one that is slowly starting to rear its ugly head as once-ignored infosec roles are becoming more prominent inside today's companies..."

Cybersecurity Is A Board Level Issue: 3 CISOs Tell Why
HelpNet Security, February 11th, 2020
Recognize security as both a business risk and an opportunity

"As a venture capital investor who was previously a Chief Information Security Officer, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon: although cybersecurity makes the news often and is top of mind for consumers and business customers, it doesn't always get the attention it deserves by the board of directors.

Misconceptions and knowledge gaps increase this distance between security and oversight. How can boards dive deeper into the world of security and overcome the entry barriers to collaboration?..."

Transformational success can be derailed by a dysfunctional IT culture, the roots of which often can be traced to silos, org structures and little desire or incentive to collaborate

"The role of IT is evolving, and digital transformation has brought with it a new set of responsibilities and assumptions that can lead to IT dysfunction. An explosion of new initiatives, the need to produce more quickly, constant interaction with the business, managing third-party cloud environments instead of traditional data centers - with so much coming at IT these days, it's little wonder that organizational tensions and challenges are rising..."

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