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IT - CxO
6 Keys To Digital Transformation Success
Information Week, February 14th, 2020
Nearly every enterprise is undergoing a digital transformation. Some are more successful than others. Here are 6 factors shared by the successful ones
8 Ways CIOs Can Use Technology In Meetings
SearchCIO, February 13th, 2020
Meetings can be frustrating, as they often lead to scheduling and technical complications -- but today, enterprises are utilizing technology in meeting rooms to make them more beneficial
Average Tenure Of A CISO Is Just 26 Months Due To High Stress And Burnout
ZDNet, February 12th, 2020
Report: The vast majority of interviewed CISO executives (88%) report high levels of stress, a third report stress-caused physical health issues, half report mental health issues
Cybersecurity Is A Board Level Issue: 3 CISOs Tell Why
HelpNet Security, February 11th, 2020
Recognize security as both a business risk and an opportunity
Telltale Signs Of IT Dysfunction - And How To Fix It
CIO, February 11th, 2020
Transformational success can be derailed by a dysfunctional IT culture, the roots of which often can be traced to silos, org structures and little desire or incentive to collaborate
What Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) & How It Works
Business 2 Community, February 12th, 2020
Here's an example of what multi-factor authentication (MFA) is not
IT - Storage
Enterprise HDDs Hit 20 TB, Boost Throughput In 2020
SearchStorage, February 13th, 2020
While waiting for HAMR to drop, we have more immediate spinning disk developments to watch out for in 2020, such as dual-actuator and shingled drives
HDD Failure Rates Based On 124,956 HDDs At Backblaze
Storage Newsletter, February 14th, 2020
Only one to have no failure: 4TB Toshiba model MD04ABA400V
Higher-Than-Typical Failure Rate Among Some 12TB Seagate HDDs
Storage Newsletter, February 12th, 2020
Regular HDD Stats readers will recall that our blog post about 3Q19 explained that we planned to take a closer look at some drive failures we were seeing at the time and report back when we knew more
Using On-Premises Object Storage Beyond Secondary Storage
SearchStorage, February 11th, 2020
On-premises object-based storage is replacing traditional storage in areas such as streaming, big data and IoT. Get the latest on how this technology is being used
IT - Security
Best Identity Theft Protection And Monitoring Services In 2020
CNET, February 15th, 2020
Is someone applying for a mortgage in your name? Ruining your credit?
Cybersecurity Best Practices Every Enterprise Should Follow In 2020 [Infographic]
Business 2 Community, February 11th, 2020
Lack of awareness in protecting customer's sensitive data can lead to severe repercussions
DDoS Attacks Nearly Double Between Q4 2018 And Q4 2019
Dark Reading, February 13th, 2020
Peer-to-peer botnets, TCP reflection attacks, and increased activity on Sundays are three DDoS attack trends from last quarter
In 2019, A Total Of 7,098 Reported Breaches Exposed 15.1 Billion Records
HelpNet Security, February 11th, 2020
In 2019 the total number of records exposed increased by 284% compared to 2018, according to Risk Based Security
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
SearchSecurity, February 12th, 2020
An intrusion prevention system (IPS) is a network security and threat prevention tool
Mac-Based Security Threats Outpacing Windows
ComputerWeekly, February 11th, 2020
Security threats targeting Apple endpoints are growing more quickly than those targeting Windows machines, according to Malwarebytes
Password Security Best Practices In 2020
Business 2 Community, February 9th, 2020
Concerned about protecting your financial transactions and private data stored online?
What To Know About Open Source Security
Information Age, February 11th, 2020
Many companies have a preference towards open source technology, so what should be kept in mind in regards to ensuring its security?
Digital Trends Changing Advocacy And CRM In 2020
Business 2 Community, February 11th, 2020
The year 2020 once seemed so far away - with flying cars, robots, video calling and even smart homes
Top CRM Trends For 2020
Forrester, February 11th, 2020
Customer experience (CX) is still king in 2020
8 HR Technology Trends CHROs Should Investigate In 2020
SearchHRSoftware, February 14th, 2020
Many emerging HR technologies are solidly in the realm of 'must-haves,' while others remain hype. Here's some advice to help you discern which is which
IT Careers: Crazy Recruitment Tactics That Worked
The Enterprisers Project, February 12th, 2020
IT leaders and recruiters discuss the over-the-top ways they've attracted tech talent - and five lessons you can apply from them in 2020
Top 11 Use Cases Of Rpa In The Insurance Industry
AiTHORITY, February 11th, 2020
It is a well-known fact that the workforce in the Insurance space is heavily burdened with repetitive and mundane tasks
Explainable AI: But Explainable To Whom?
datanami, February 10th, 2020
As the power of AI and machine learning have become widely recognized, and as people see the value that these approaches can bring to an increasingly data-heavy world, a new need has arisen: the need for explainable AI
2020 Brings Opportunity For Augmented Intelligence
AiTHORITY, February 12th, 2020
In the last decade, the arrival of AI and Automation in the workplace came with mixed emotions
5 Key AI Trends In Customer Engagement
TechRepublic, February 11th, 2020
Digital overload is leading to more authentic trends in business. Find out the top five in a new Twilio report
Busting The 5 Common Myths Business Leaders Get Wrong About AI
insideBIGDATA, February 10th, 2020
Across all industries, business leaders are waking up to the massive potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in powering decision-making processes and streamlining complicated or laborious tasks
Is AI Cybersecurity's Salvation Or Its Greatest Threat?
VentureBeat, February 11th, 2020
If you're uncertain whether AI is the best or worst thing to ever happen to cybersecurity, you're in the same boat as experts watching the dawn of this new era with a mix of excitement and terror
Robot Analysts Outwit Humans On Investment Picks, Study Shows
Information Management, February 11th, 2020
They beat us at chess and trivia, supplant jobs by the thousands, and are about to be let loose on highways and roads as chauffeurs and couriers
IT - Technology
Do you know the difference between Thunderbolt 3, USB-C 3.1 Gen 2, and USB-C 3.1 Gen 1?
ZDNet, February 10th, 2020
Don't worry if you don't, because you're not alone
Throwing Down The Gauntlet To CPU Incumbents
TheNextPlatform, February 11th, 2020
The server processor market has gotten a lot more crowded in the past several years
IT - Blockchain
How Blockchain Regulations Will Change In 2020
TechTalks, February 12th, 2020
As 2018 drew to a close, crypto skeptics were ready to write obituaries after the devastating bear market that year
Business Intelligence Doesn't Need More AI; It Needs More Humans
Business 2 Community, February 10th, 2020
On New Year's Eve 2019 at 10:00 AM EST, an artificial intelligence algorithm sent a warning out to medical professionals around the globe about a severe respiratory infection affecting Wuhan, China
ML And BI Are Coming Together, Gartner Says
datanami, February 13th, 2020
The convergence of machine learning and business intelligence is upon us, as BI tool makers increasingly are exposing ML capabilities to users, and users are performing ML activities in their BI tools
5 Disadvantages Of Business Intelligence And How To Avoid Them
Business 2 Community, February 14th, 2020
Data analytics is shaping business today
10 Of The Best Project Management Software (Reviewed + Rated)
Business 2 Community, February 9th, 2020
Today's workplace is challenging, with complex marketing tasks becoming the norm
IT - Operations
5 Common Errors That Allow Attackers To Go Undetected
Dark Reading, February 12th, 2020
Make these mistakes and invaders might linger in your systems for years
How To Choose A Cyber Insurance Policy
Information Age, February 10th, 2020
Cyber insurance is becoming increasingly vital for protection, so what's to be considered when choosing an insurance policy?
Survey Shows 43% Of IT Professionals Still Track IT Assets In Spreadsheets
AiTHORITY, February 13th, 2020
More Than Half of Respondents Report They Mistakenly Spend Time Fixing Devices Under Warranty
IT - Database
4 Enterprise Database Security Best Practices
SearchSecurity, February 11th, 2020
Beyond protecting enterprise databases from vulnerabilities, it is critical to improve and review their security on a regular basis. Learn more with these database security best practices
New Database Innovations Deliver A Single Database That Supports All Data
The future is data driven
The future is data driven, and effective use of data will increasingly determine a company's competitiveness
IT - Server
A Guide To GPU Implementation And Activation
SearchDataCenter, February 12th, 2020
Data center GPU usage goes beyond hardware. Admins must work with vendors and developers to have the right software architecture and code to benefit from GPUs
Hyper-Converged And Composable Architectures Transform IT
SearchConvergedInfrastructure, February 10th, 2020
Hyper-convergence and up-and-coming HCI 2.0 and composable infrastructure can help you achieve your IT and business goals. See why, how and where their strengths and weaknesses lie
Hyper-Converged Data Center Vendors Innovate, Evolve Products
SearchConvergedInfrastructure, February 12th, 2020
Review notable hyper-converged, HCI 2.0 and composable disaggregated product news to gain insight into data center convergence technology as you make infrastructure decisions
What's New In HPC Research: Quantum Clouds, Interatomic Models, Genetic Algorithms & More
HPCWire, February 14th, 2020
In this bimonthly feature, HPCwire highlights newly published research in the high-performance computing community and related domains
IT - Cloud
10 Hidden Cloud Gotchas To Watch Out For
CIO, February 11th, 2020
The upsides of the cloud are well known. But IT leaders seeking to capitalize on cloud services should beware these cloud-specific issues that can impact your strategy - and the bottom line
Benefits Of Cloud Data Discovery Tools And Services Multiply
SearchCloudSecurity, February 12th, 2020
With multi-cloud and privacy regulations becoming the new normal, infosec teams need data discovery tools and services to keep up. Learn more about available cloud options
Cloud Networking Vs. Cloud Computing: What's The Difference?
SearchNetworking, February 10th, 2020
Organizations might sometimes consider cloud computing and cloud networking as interchangeable due to their similarities. But the two strategies have different goals and processes
IT - Wireless
Watch For These 6 Wireless Networking Trends In 2020
SearchNetworking, February 14th, 2020
No doubt you've heard about 5G and Wi-Fi 6. But don't forget other wireless trends emerging in 2020, such as CBRS, dynamic spectrum sharing and Open RAN
Choosing The Right Disaster Recovery For Your Business
ComputerWeekly, February 10th, 2020
We look at the various options available when implementing disaster recovery, and how much they're worth
Disaster Recovery Automation Tools Gaining Traction
SearchDisasterRecovery, February 10th, 2020
As new disaster recovery automation tools emerge, vendors and industry analysts recognize a growing demand for simplifying what can be a tedious process
Why Disaster Recovery-As-A-Service Is The Industry's Next Vital Tool
Information Age, February 14th, 2020
Veniamin Simonov, director of product management at NAKIVO, explores why disaster recover-as-a-service is the industry's vital tool
IT - IoT
5G Adoption Should Change How Organizations Approach Security
Dark Reading, February 12th, 2020
With 5G adoption, businesses will be able to power more IoT devices and perform tasks more quickly, but there will be security ramifications
6 Factors That Raise The Stakes For Iot Security
Dark Reading, February 10th, 2020
Developments that exacerbate the risk and complicate making Internet of Things devices more secure
Securing The Internet Of Things In The Age Of 5G
Information Management, February 14th, 2020
The next generation of mobile communications is upon us and it promises not only drastically increased speed but connectivity for a wide variety of devices that have been gaining popularity in recent years
IT - Careers
HR Tech Makes Your Job Search A Living Hell
Ask The Headhunter, February 14th, 2020
Cost Cutting Algorithms Are Making Your Job Search a Living Hell
11 Hottest Software Engineering Jobs Of 2020
TechRepublic, February 11th, 2020
Demand for AR/VR professionals soared 1,400% in 2019, but the opportunities don't stop there
Demand For Data Engineers Up 50%, Report Says
datanami, February 12th, 2020
Looking to hire a data or machine learning engineer?
Hired: AR/VR Engineers Replace Blockchain Programmers As Hottest Commodity
VentureBeat, February 11th, 2020
Augmented reality and virtual reality jobs are hot, with demand surging 1,400% in 2019
IT Salary Report 2020: Get Paid What You Are Worth
Information Week, February 12th, 2020
IT pros must do real research about their value in the market if they want to be paid fairly. InformationWeek's 2020 IT Salary Report can help technologists get started
IT - Compliance
Why 67% Of Companies Fear They Can't Sustain Privacy Compliance
CIO Dive, February 12th, 2020
True privacy depends on where and how data travels
IT - Email
Half Of Cybercrime Losses In 2019 Were The Result Of Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scams
HelpNet Security, February 12th, 2020
Business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) scams are still the most lucrative schemes for cybercriminals
Ignore Email At Your Own Peril [Infographic]
Business 2 Community, February 15th, 2020
There are lots of people out there who think that email is dead
IT - Backup
Ensure Your Backup Infrastructure Has Sufficient Networking
SearchDataBackup, February 13th, 2020
How can you effectively modify your backup process to fit your network speed? Because bandwidth constantly varies, employ best practices for a range of scenarios
IT - Big Data
AI Usage In Banking Is Forcing The Conversation Around The Ethical Use Of Data
insideBIGDATA, February 12th, 2020
Over the past few years, the financial services industry has made huge strides in adopting new technologies like artificial intelligence into its workflow
IT - Encryption
Chaos & Order: The Keys To Quantum-Proof Encryption
Dark Reading, February 12th, 2020
The implications of chaos form the basis of a new approach to encryption that promises quantum-proof perfect secrecy. But first, your current crypto needs some tidying up
Enterprise Companies Struggle To Control Security Certificates, Cryptographic Keys
ZDNet, February 11th, 2020
Certificate authority misuse, MiTM attacks, and problems with cryptographic key handling are now of serious concern to enterprise firms
WhatsApp Tops 2 Billion Users Worldwide
CNET, February 12th, 2020
The Facebook-owned messaging app says it's committed to strong encryption
IT - Developer
Sprint Plans Are Worthless, But Sprint Planning Is Everything
Business 2 Community, February 13th, 2020
Dwight D. Eisenhower, the World War II leader and U.S. President, wrote: "'.' plans are of no particular value, but '.' planning is indispensable"
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