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High performance storage is changing as data (particularly unstructured data) volumes grow

"NVMe file storage will be adopted broadly for performance starved, low-latency applications NVMe is a communications protocol explicitly developed to optimized all-flash storage. NVMe enables an application to get the full performance out of the SSD storage devices that previously were not being optimally leveraged. It is geared for enterprise workloads that require top performance, such as video post-production, scientific research applications, financial service analytic applications and other latency-sensitive workloads. By the end of 2020, all NVMe file storage will be dominated by players that can deliver end-to-end value and performance to applications by optimizing the network, protocol interfaces, file system software and storage to eliminate bottlenecks..."

Not Dead, Just Not Made For You Anymore

"During Storage Field Day, one of the most interesting sessions was with Western Digital. It was a 4-hour long session, so I won't tell you to watch all the segments (although some of them were particularly enlightening about the future of storage and infrastructure in general - If you have to pick only one watch the part about the gaming industry. I'm not a gamer, but it was really fascinating). Now, let's focus on the hard disk!..."

Data Storage 2020: Icebergs Ahead
Wikibon, February 3rd, 2020
Data storage has always been a very lucrative market

"In this week's Breaking Analysis we look into the storage market. Storage has been soft lately, as we've been reporting. Spending has been on the back burner. In this segment we want to highlight those few companies with momentum, understand why there's a softness, drill into the various segments and forecast the outlook for 2020.

Few Storage Companies with Momentum - Rubrik and Cohesity are Standouts Let's get right into it and look at a storage spending snapshot.

We're looking below at Net Score, which is a measure of spending velocity in the ETR data set. We're specifically isolating on storage spending..."

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