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SD-WAN Requirements For A Multi-Cloud World
SearchNetworking, February 5th, 2020
With the emergence of a multi-cloud world, SD-WAN vendors must upgrade their platforms to ensure secure and reliable SD-WAN connectivity to cloud services.

"For many IT organizations, software-defined WAN has become the primary on-ramp for branch and edge communications to cloud environments. These organizations have also begun to adopt multi-cloud architectures, where applications run on the best platform, regardless of location.

In response, SD-WAN providers aim to rapidly innovate their platforms to enable secure, reliable and high-quality SD-WAN connectivity to leading IaaS cloud platforms. As IaaS cloud providers extend their networks toward the edge -- and their customers -- SD-WAN requirements call for providers to use new means of traffic acceleration to and from cloud environments. New integration opportunities for SD-WAN providers include Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN and AWS Transit Gateway..."

Top SD-WAN Benefits And The Case For Deployment
SearchNetworking, February 6th, 2020
Make the case for an SD-WAN implementation, and explore the benefits and main use cases for SD-WAN in enterprises, beyond traditional hybrid WANs

"For organizations considering software-defined WAN adoption, SD-WAN can offer internet connectivity advantages, like reduced cost and increased bandwidth, by alleviating concerns about internet reliability and security. Organizations with distributed workforces in remote and branch offices should consider SD-WAN adoption to implement hybrid WAN -- by combining MPLS and internet -- or internet-only connectivity..."

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