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The full-blown internet of things may seem far in the future, but IT decision-makers need to address it now

''Smart home' applications are becoming commonplace in the consumer world, and IoT adoption is growing quickly in the enterprise. Given that IoT is all about collecting and sharing data from a broad range of endpoints, this trend will have an impact on the security of government agencies.

As internet-enabled sensors become embedded in a wide range of workplace hardware -- devices, endpoints and more -- we will soon enter the era of the 'smart enterprise.' Unfortunately, agencies' aging IT infrastructure is simply not natively equipped for what's coming..."

Top Security Challenges That Will Impact The Internet Of Things
Information Management, February 6th, 2020
Over the past two years, the Internet of Things has seen a dramatic rise across the board

"IoT devices have become increasingly ubiquitous in both the home and in businesses, with early adopters now giving way to the majority.

Although it is important to remember that the IoT network is wider than the devices it supports, smart devices give us a good bellwether of the rise of IoT. Smart speaker ownership grew by 78% in 2018, with 1 in 4 Americans now owning one..."

Understand IoT Data Management Essentials
IoT Agenda, February 6th, 2020
The flood of data from IoT devices requires careful planning of infrastructure and data management, and current processes might not be up to the task.

"IoT data management has changed the way organizations must design their infrastructure to gain the most advantages from IoT technology. The changes caused by IoT and demand for real-time analysis may not be intuitive for IT pros when, historically, they secured data in a centralized, on-premises data center.

Jason Carolan, chief innovation officer of Denver-based data center and colocation company Flexential Corp., discussed the best practices for creating secure infrastructure for IoT data management. The organization augments its data centers with network connectivity to reduce latency, provides cloud services and offers security and compliance consulting..."

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