How can multi-cloud users effectively use DR, backup and archiving together? Although multiple clouds complicate infrastructure, they also offer benefits for data protection

"To improve business continuity and better control costs, in 2020, enterprises will pressure their IT professionals to start breaking down the silos between on- and off-premises infrastructure, and between public cloud providers' discrete environments. Doing so requires transitioning to multi-cloud data protection practices that join on-premises private cloud and traditional IT infrastructures with multiple public cloud services.

Although enterprises are still in the early days of transitioning their infrastructures and operating models to multi-cloud, data protection technologies will play a pivotal role in providing foundational data management capabilities. Evaluator Group surveyed more than 200 IT professionals about how they address their multi-cloud data management needs and found archive and long-term retention as well as backup storage systems and cloud services to be the most popular building blocks -- both noted by 54% of respondents. This study, "Trends in Multi-Cloud Data Management," also found backup software and disaster recovery technologies and products to be the second- and third-most popular, noted by 48% and 46%, respectively..."

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