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A tremendous amount of information and specific insight can be gleaned by analyzing projects gone wrong

"Here are four lessons IT leaders can apply to any outsourcing agreement.

Project successes tend to result in a lot of the same conclusions that every team identifies (e.g., we had a great team in place, or we had good leadership supporting it). Disasters, on the other hand can offer some of the best learning opportunities.

The Hertz vs. Accenture lawsuit filed last year provides some particularly valuable insights. This case, involving a digital transformation, teaches us that it's important to know best practices for holding your vendors accountable, specifically when you're leveraging agile-at-scale..."

Every company is unique, of course, but certain challenges are widely shared. Learn what security concerns other CISOs and security leaders are focused on in 2020

"The list of cybersecurity challenges will remain unabated in 2020, with both emerging and existing threats and opportunities expected to dominate the CISO agenda in the months ahead.

The list of top concerns is broad. Changes and advances in technology, evolving threats, too few security personnel, emerging essential skills and the increasing number of threats are all top issues, according to the "State of Enterprise Risk Management 2020," from IT governance organization ISACA, the CMMI Institute and Infosecurity Group..."

5 Rules For A Healthy CIO-CISO Relationship
The Enterprisers Project, February 5th, 2020
Box's CIO shares tips on how to change the traditionally contentious CIO/CISO relationship into a more collaborative and effective one

"There is natural tension between the role of the chief information officer (CIO) and that of the chief information security officer (CISO). While the CIO looks to better leverage and implement new services, the CISO aims to find security risks in why certain services should not be used.

This is actually a complementary tension that should result in a healthy decision-making process that balances need with risk, but in practice, friction is often unavoidable. Security initiatives and solutions add complexity, overhead, and friction to architectures that some believe are already too complex. Access procedures and slow performance caused by security measures often frustrate employees and the very IT organizations looking to deliver seamless capabilities to those employees..."

In the digital era, organizational change management is crucial to business success - far too crucial to be dogged by its misconceptions and false assumptions

"Organizational change management (OCM) has gained visibility, slowly but surely, among those responsible for making change happen, which is to say, just about every manager in just about every business.

It matters because, as you're doubtless tired of hearing, the only constant in business is change. That reality bumps up against a competing one: More often than not, business change efforts fail to satisfy, and that's if they don't fail entirely..."

New Decade, New You: The Evolution Of The CIO
InformationWeek, February 5th, 2020
Differentiate your enterprise by going more in-depth with cloud, leveraging data and analytics, embedding AI, and putting security at the center of the business

"There is no question -- technology is advancing and improving faster than ever before across enterprises, making the chief information officer's role more critical to the performance of an organization. In this new year, it is crucial for the CIO to carefully examine and determine which technologies are the best fit for their organization. A recent Accenture report found that 83% of companies want systems that will allow them to pivot into new strategic directions..."

Cisco CISO Says Today's Enterprise Must Take Chances
Search Security, February 4th, 2020
Cisco CISO Steve Martino talks about taking chances, threats, how the security leader's role is changing and what really works when it comes to keeping the company secure

"As leader of its information security and trust organization, Cisco CISO Steve Martino positions himself at the intersection of the company's IT and business interests. Unlike some cybersecurity executives of the old school -- gatekeepers focused on guarding against outside threats, at any cost -- Martino said he aims to more closely align Cisco's security stance with its corporate strategy. He wants to manage rather than eliminate vulnerabilities, he explained, in proportion to the organization's tolerance for risk and appetite for reward..."

IT Leadership: How To Build A Learning Culture
The Enterprisers Project, February 6th, 2020
Intrado's CTO shares his team's success building a culture that prizes ongoing learning - using a 'community of practice' program and other creative approaches

"If you're not building a culture of learning into your IT organization, you risk losing the ability to gain efficiencies that new technologies can provide.

Part of the purpose and goal of an IT organization is to optimize the company's use of technology - evaluating the value add of emerging tech and implementing new tools. Tech-forward organizations like Intrado are constantly exploring new technologies and working models in order to increase operational efficiencies and better serve customers. That means not only integrating them and educating employees, but also educating ourselves..."

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