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She Got Mugged In A Stress Interview
Ask The Headhunter, February 3rd, 2020
In the February 4, 2020 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter we consider the meaning of a stress interview


"My daughter just went through what's called a 'stress interview.' She said she held it together, but came home and burst into tears. She didn't know this was a thing. She's had three such interviews in a row that left her feeling worthless in some unknown way. WHY is this a thing? It's just mean. Why would anyone want to work with such awful people?..."

Struggling to fill roles? Here's how improved employee experience, internal recruiting, and sophisticated use of AI are giving some companies an IT hiring edge

"A tight market for IT talent is leading to a shift in how tech pros are discovered, hired and then engaged once on board. While some of the advances are technology-driven, others emphasize the culture your organization cultivates to attract and retain top talent.

A new report from LinkedIn warns that only half of employees think the on-the-job experience is positive, reducing productivity and harming retention. 'If they're not on their way out,' the report cautions, 'they're likely performing well below their capabilities'...."

Talent isn't evenly distributed. The only way to hire is to hire remotely

"Zoom might not be a decentralized app but as the go-to video conferencing tool for crypto project communications, it is seen by many as an important enabler of the industry's various decentralized communities. Harry Moseley, a technologist with an eclectic career who is now Zoom's chief information officer, sat down with CoinDesk's Michael Casey to talk about the product and the future of the decentralized workplace..."

IT Careers: 10 Job Skills In High Demand This Year
InformationWeek, February 3rd, 2020
If you're looking to add skills to your resume, experience with these technologies might help you land a new job or promotion

"At many organizations, the start of the new year coincides with the annual review process. As a result, this is a popular time to take stock of your career and set some goals for the next 12 months. And that in turn, means that a whole lot of tech workers are wondering which skills are the most marketable right now and which are trending upwards.

To answer that question, researchers from online job board published a series of four reports that took an in-depth look at their job posting data. They examined which skills appeared in the most job postings and which skills have increased in popularity the most over the past year and the past five years. They also noted some key trends, as well as which skills are the most important for some of the most in-demand job titles..."

6 Hot Network Specializations To Pursue
Network Computing, February 4th, 2020
It''s important to remember that the new skills learned in a specialization must be built on top of a solid foundation of networking basics

Being a network administrator in 2020 often requires skills far and beyond what is often considered "core competencies." These disciplines commonly focus on routing, switching, WiFi, remote access, and basic network device hardening. But for those that have mastered the essentials, many are left wondering what areas they should specialize in that will not only be interesting - but will also be skills that are highly sought after. Let's look at six hot areas of enterprise networking that aspiring professionals may want to consider pursuing.

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