For most businesses, meeting target sales goals and key revenue metrics are top priorities

"While executive teams understand that building positive relationships with customers is important, it isn't the easiest metric to quantify. For this reason, many companies end up ignoring the work it takes to build relationships with customers, and begin to focus on other, more easily-tracked metrics like deals closed and upsells..."

Five Forces Shape The Modern CRM Landscape
Forrester, February 4th, 2020
What is CRM? It's not SFA (sales force automation) and it's not marketing automation

'The business processes and supporting technologies that support the key activities of targeting, acquiring, retaining, understanding, and collaborating with customers.'

. . . that is, to support customers through their entire journey with a company.

Today, companies both large and small widely deploy CRM - not as a singular technology but as a collection of discrete technologies: marketing automation, sales automation (including high-velocity sales), eCommerce, customer service, and field service technologies. These technologies are underpinned by intelligence (analytics, reporting, and AI) and an extensible platform. Read our latest Forrester Wave report to understand the strengths of leading vendors in this space..."

The New App Dev CRM Model
CRMBuyer, February 5th, 2020
CRM is an industry that's been full of turning points, and I think it is at another

"There have been many smaller turns, like the additions of analytics, social media and process flows. However, to get a sense of this point in time, I think you have to go all the way back to the turn of the century and the rise of cloud computing.

The cloud was important as an economic marker in ways that other turning points were not. When software as a service emerged, it represented a long overdue initiation of a commoditization wave in the whole technology market, and CRM was the test case..."

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