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Cloud Tiering And Object Storage For Backup
Storage Newsletter, February 7th, 2020
There are 2 kinds of organizations: those that use the cloud for backup, and those that are going to use the cloud for backup.

"And why not enjoy the advantages of the cloud for backup restore, DR and long-term retention? The cloud has become ubiquitous and its accessibility and cost structure are flexible. Cloud tiering has become popular as companies turn to object storage for the growing amount of data that may never change or may be accessed only infrequently.

But organizations don't reap those advantages simply by pushing their data into Amazon S3 or Azure block blobs. They get the most out of cloud storage when they consider and implement architectural changes to fully support its advantages. Careful consideration around technology and deployment will keep them from making costly mistakes, like sending duplicate data to the cloud and storing low-priority data in expensive tiers..."

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