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5 Cybersecurity Trends For 2020
CIODive, January 6th, 2020
With industry-known strains morphing into new killers and regulators dutifully watching for errors, companies are leaning on their infosec teams more than ever.

"Cybersecurity is a thankless job, where success is measured by silence - mishaps make headlines.

Last year data privacy regulators sank their teeth into companies that were breached or exposed customer data. Failed cybersecurity protocols are at the root of data breaches, ransomware and supply chain attacks.

Cybercriminals are evolving their tactics as the security industry grapples with cyberattack response and weighs the merits of paying ransoms. With malware strains morphing into new threats and regulators dutifully watching for errors, companies are counting on their infosec teams more than ever.

Cybersecurity trends to watch in 2020..."

You might not find these measurements on a standard cybersecurity department checklist. But they can help evaluate risks you haven't even considered yet

"A regular audience with executive management and the board is part of the CISO role now. And security leaders know they need to bring measurable information to the conversation to explain and justify their performance and spending. Metrics are no longer optional in security management, and if risk leaders aren't tracking elements such as mean time to detect and respond as well as attack frequency, they are leaving out a valuable aspect of a holistic security program..."

Security Dangers Of Remote Work
Business 2 Community, January 10th, 2020
Remote working is now the norm across many industries but remains a huge security risk if implemented incorrectly

"As we've previously reported, 50 percent of knowledge workers still say they are not allowed to work from home, but this is changing quickly. LinkedIn's 2019 Talent Trends report found there has been a 78 percent increase in job posts mentioning workplace flexibility since 2016. That's partly because, according to a survey done by FlexJobs, only 7 percent of workers believe they're most productive while in the office, as we pointed out in our guide to remote working..."

Top 10 Cybersecurity Predictions: 2020 Edition
SearchSecurity, January 9th, 2020
When it comes to cybersecurity predictions, in many ways, 2020 is a continuation of the present. Emerging trends include nation-state activity, IoT infrastructure attacks and more

"When I look into my crystal ball at cybersecurity predictions for 2020, I see good news and bad. First, the bad news: Existing threats will worsen, and entirely new threats will arise.

The good news? Job security for cybersecurity professionals will remain for the foreseeable future. Despite the evolution in AI, machine learning and automation technology, humans will continue to be the front line of defense for enterprise cybersecurity. The tools will help, but they cannot replace human intuition and insight..."

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