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What's your path to network automation? Here are 12 automation ideas that span different levels of expertise to help your network team get comfortable with network automation

"When network teams first start to use network automation, they should keep the tasks simple, low risk and quickly implementable. This means the tasks probably shouldn't make network changes.

The ideal starter project will help the operations staff, who will be judging your work. You'll want to get operations on board with automation because they'll be using the tools and can provide ideas for more projects. As you gain more experience, you can begin to implement more advanced automation tasks within your network..."

6 Imperatives For Successful SD-WAN Deployments
Network Computing, January 8th, 2020
The long-term success of any SD-WAN implementation heavily depends upon the assessments, observations, and adjustments you make during these early stages

"SD-WAN is one of the hottest enterprise technology trends in recent years. With benefits like easy management, massive cost savings compared to MPLS, and flexible application performance across complex network environments, it looks like adoption rates will continue to soar. In fact, research from IDC predicts the SD-WAN market will grow at a 40 percent compound annual growth rate to reach $4.5 billion by 2022. While it's true that this technology can remove a significant amount of complexity and cost from your multi-link network, you must take your time to conduct the necessary assessments and have a strong deployment and operation plan in place before tackling a new SD-WAN implementation.

Here are six key steps every NetOps team should take to ensure the success of an SD-WAN deployment: ..."

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