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Not A Vote Of Confidence
ComputerWorld, January 10th, 2020
But there's always a bright side

"This pilot fish fresh out of college, Class of '80-something, gets a job in county government as a developer. At the end of each week, the computer operators pass around a large pile of accordion-fold, tractor-feed computer paper with the names of files created that week, and each one circles the files that can be deleted..."

That's A Turn-On
Computerworld, January 8th, 2020
And a turn-off, depending on where we are in the cycle

"This pilot fish pretty much singlehandedly keeps the technology infrastructure humming at this small firm located in a creaky old building, which apparently is still settling after nearly 100 years.

One recent day he gets a heads up that there's trouble with one of the two monitors in the training room, where a customer meeting is in progress. It keeps going black and then coming back on..."

Dawn breaks

"At the small college where this pilot fish works, a big power failure puts the lights out for everyone in the whole area..."

'We didn't have a generator, so the data center and all our servers were dark,' says fish.

Time-Machine Tuesday: Does Safari Ring A Bell?
Computerworld, January 7th, 2020
How about Mosaic?

This pilot fish works on the website for a TV station. 'We just updated the CSS on our website,' fish says. 'After completing the upgrade, I sent out an email to a number of station employees, including my boss.

'I told them the upgrade was complete and we had tested it with a number of browsers including IE 7, IE 8, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, and found no issues with any of them..."

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