5 Recruiting Ideas For 2020 HR Should Explore
SearchHRSoftware, January 9th, 2020
The fight for top talent requires planning and turning to new approaches. Here are five recruitment strategies you can use to attract the right job candidates for your company

"The fight for top talent can look like an episode of Game of Thrones. Instead of the throne, however, you get to attract and keep the best workers.

That means you need to explore the best strategic recruiting ideas for 2020. Here are five of the most important..."

Wipro's findings suggest that leadership changes aren't translating into the innovation and transformation payoffs that shareholders, employees and other stakeholders are seeking, writes Rajan Kohli, President of Wipro Digital

"Digital Transformation and customer experience have become synonymous, and rightly so. Focusing on your customers as their needs and desires change is both smart and inevitable. As organizational resources have been focused in this area, this has created a yawning gap between the customer experience that organizations offer and the experience their employees receive..."

The 'Hows' And 'Whys' Of HR Digital Transformation
HR Technologist, January 10th, 2020
HR digital transformation involves a process of changing operational HR processes through automation and data-driven approach

"In the recent past, Human Resources (HR) was regarded as a support function feature that aimed for delivering employee services. But, with technological interventions and the rapid digital revolution, human resources have undergone a transformation..."

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