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5 Cloud Trends For 2020
CIODive, January 7th, 2020
This year will offer more battles in the cloud wars and more vendors listening to understand the realities of where businesses actually are in cloud adoption

"The fate of the cloud is pretty much decided: It's not going anywhere and companies can rely on cloud providers to host workloads long-term.

The technology is becoming more specialized as vendors turn attention to tailored solutions across verticals. The cloud needs of the financial services industry crowded with regulatory oversight are more rigid than the needs of construction or retail..."

From skills shortages to privacy concerns, tech execs will need to overcome a number of hurdles along their digital journeys this year

"This year will assuredly see tech leaders laser-focused once again on digital initiatives, but the processes they have in place for doing so won't be a slam dunk for success. Worse, recent research suggests that mistakes born of digital transformation are a top cause of concern for businesses.

A Gartner report on emerging risks shows that while companies continue to prioritize and fund digital initiatives, two-thirds not only fail to deliver on their promises but also reveal 'enterprise weaknesses, causing organizations to see a gap between expectations and results'..."

CIO Role: 9 Ways IT Will Evolve In 2020
The Enterprisers Project, January 8th, 2020
What's next for CIOs? Cross-functional teams, design thinking, careful attention to partners, and above all, talent management and relationship skills, are priorities for 2020 - and beyondWhat's next for CIOs? Cross-functional teams, design thinking, careful attention to partners, and above all, talent management and relationship skills, are priorities for 2020 - and beyond

"Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way enterprises view and value IT. 'IT has evolved from being considered a technology-driven cost center where the CEO's directive to IT was to cut costs and optimize, to being valued as a business-aligned, strategic asset that can help fuel the growth of the company and provide competitive differentiation,' says Rahul Singh, managing director with management consultancy Pace Harmon..."

25 Business Technology Trends For 2020
CIO Dive, January 9th, 2020
As tech leaders plan for 2020 and beyond, keep a close eye on interoperability and making technology purchasing decisions that can remain flexible in the long-term

"The New Year arrived with turmoil and uncertainty. The U.S. government put companies on high alert about potential retaliation from geopolitical tension with Iran in the form of cyber aggression.

It's a textbook example of a "turn" Gartner admonished companies to look out for in the year ahead.

2020 is an inflection point, separating companies that have made technology investments and portfolio enhancements from those that have lagged, delaying modernization in the name of budget constraints, talent woes, outside threats, shadow IT ... the list goes on..."

Cutting corners is all well and good until a development project hurtles into a reliability and financial black hole. Here's how to avoid the perils of technical debt.

"Completing an IT software project quickly without incurring some level of technical debt is challenging. When a project is developed and deployed in a rush, quality often suffers and the venture must inevitably be revisited to repair compatibility problems, security gaps, performance issues and various other budget-draining headaches..."

Disney+ Is Proof Of The Power Of Digital Transformation
Business 2 Community, January 6th, 2020
Digital transformation is a much discussed buzzword that is often misunderstood

"Long gone are the days where a digital transformation meant having a way to purchase online or having social media presence build into your brand image.

These days, a digital transformation means a variety of things. Every business operation within your brand must be digitized. Customer service may be aided with the addition of an AI bot in your app or website, billing may be digitized and automated, your marketing and communications are personalized through data. The options are endless..."

Simply migrating your infrastructure to the cloud won't make your legacy applications agile, scalable, and intelligent. Once you move to the cloud, the meter is always running

"By the end of 2019, many enterprise CIOs were busy working on moving to various cloud services, modernizing custom applications and investing in data science initiatives. After all, new-gen IT is all about satisfying the user in order to provide a positive UX (user experience) for anybody who comes into contact with a company's online assets..."

Top 3 Enterprise Tech Trends To Watch In 2020
Computerworld, January 6th, 2020
Look for blockchain to mature, artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve cybersecurity, and edge computing to see higher adoption rates

"If blockchain felt more like hype than reality in 2019, prepare for that to change. Industry watchers expect 2020 to be the year the distributed ledger technology matures and we see use cases that go beyond cryptocurrency.

Areas where experts envision growth include data security, the supply chain and electronic health records..."

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