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IT - CxO
Our Top 10 Articles Of 2019 For IT Leaders
The Enterprisers Project, December 31st, 2019
Our readers found these articles - on robotic process automation (RPA), Kubernetes, emotional intelligence, agile, and more - the most valuable. Dig in for IT leadership wisdom to start the new year
CIO Dive's Top Trends of 2019
CIO Dive, December 30th, 2019
Tie a bow on it, uncork the champagne, and take a deep breath: say goodbye to 2019
5 Must-Read Harvard Business Review Articles In January
The Enterprisers Project, January 1st, 2020
Check out our most popular HBR articles from 2019
6 CIO New Year's Resolutions for 2020
CIO Dive, January 2nd, 2020
People, process, technology. People, process, technology
6 Major Tech Trends To Watch In 2020
AmongTech, December 30th, 2019
A lot of us are already predicting what trends will explode during the upcoming 12 months
CIO Influence Shifts as Cloud Spending Rises
InformationWeek, December 31st, 2019
As more IT spending goes to cloud providers, IT organizations are seeing their influence and control shift
Five Technology Trends In 2020 That Will Affect Your Business
eWeek, January 2nd, 2020
Technologists are predicting vast changes that they say will show up in 2020, but it's important to remember that just because something might be possible doesn't mean it will happen
Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends In 2020
ComputerWeekly, January 2nd, 2020
Two decades ago, at the start of the millennium, IT was deeply concerned about Y2K - and the iPhone, Twitter and Facebook didn't exist. So what's in store as a new decade begins?
GigaOm Analysts Share Their 2020 Predictions for Enterprise IT
Gigaom, December 31st, 2019
We'd All Like 2020 Vision, Right?
Integrating Azure MFA With Always On VPN For Better Security
TechGenix, January 3rd, 2020
The most common method I've used for doing such remote work is to use virtual private networking (VPN) solutions business partners operate or recommend
Two Tips To Make Multifactor Authentication For Office 365 More Effective
CSO Online, January 2nd, 2020
Here's how to set up "break glass" accounts for emergency admin access to Microsoft Office 365 and brand your Office 365 log-in page to foil fake pages
IT - Storage
The Rise of the High-Capacity vs. the high-performance SSD
SearchStorage, December 30th, 2019
Learn about the latest trends in enterprise drives, how high-performance devices figure in and the effect of advances in the underlying NAND flash technology
Top 10 Most Popular Storage News in 2019 on
Storage Newsletter, January 1st, 2020
Here are the top 10 most popular storage news in 2019 classified by the number of visitors on
2019 Storage Mergers And Acquisitions Covered By Clouds
SearchStorage, December 31st, 2019
2019 enterprise data storage mergers and acquisitions often included a cloud angle, followed by data protection, NVMe flash and scale-out file storage
All M&As In 2019 In WW Storage Industry
Storage Newsletter, January 2nd, 2020
Since 1998 we analyze the merger and acquisition trends in the WW storage industry, which has allowed us the proper perspective from which to gauge the evolution over time
5 Data Storage Trends To Watch In 2020
SearchStorage, January 2nd, 2020
Containers, cloud, flash memory and SaaS dominated data storage news in 2019. We take a look ahead at how these and other developments will play out in 2020
Top 100 Cloud Backup Companies For January 2020 - Backup Review
Storage Newsletter, January 3rd, 2020
The top 100 online backup companies are grouped into 4 categories, namely...
The 3 Biggest Storage Trends Of The Next Decade
ZDNet, December 30th, 2019
The 2010s saw massive changes in data storage. But the storing '20s will dwarf that. Here are the three biggest trends that will remake storage in the next decade
Top 25 Cloud Backup Enablers List For January 2020 - Backup Review
Storage Newsletter, January 3rd, 2020
The growth of the cloud backup industry, over the last decade has been dramatic.
IT - Security
6 CISO New Year's Resolutions for 2020
Dark Reading, December 30th, 2019
We asked chief information security officers how they plan to get their infosec departments in shape next year
Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture: 20 Steps To Take In 2020
SmartDataCollective, December 31st, 2019
Looking to strengthen your cybersecurity posture in the new year? Here are 20 powerful steps to take in 2020 to better protect your data
Operational Technology: Why Old Networks Need To Learn New Tricks
Dark Reading, December 31st, 2019
Cybercriminals are maximizing their opportunity by targeting older vulnerabilities in OT environments. It's time to fight back
7 Security Incidents That Cost CISOs their jobs
CSO Online, January 2nd, 2020
Whether or not security executives lose their jobs in the wake of a major incident, security failure should be seen as a learning opportunity
6 Security Team Goals for DevSecOps in 2020
Dark Reading, January 2nd, 2020
Huge opportunities await security teams that are finally ready move the needle on security problems that have plagued organizations for years"
How MarTech Leaders Unlock CRM Success in 2020 and Beyond
MarTech Series, January 3rd, 2020
FACT: Internal organizational psychology related to tech implementations differ dramatically!
What Lies Ahead for CRM in the 2020s? Three Trends to Watch
Toolbox, December 30th, 2019
The dawn of a new decade always gives us an opportunity to take stock of the last 10 years and look ahead to the next
HR Technology Predictions: Sustain The New-Age Digital Transformation With Your Employees
AiThority, January 3rd, 2020
Digital Transformation is a fiercely-chased competitive process for all modern businesses
Technology Trends That Will Disrupt The Future Of Work In 2020
Forbes, January 2nd, 2020
There was a not-so-quiet revolution on the technology front in 2019. Software as a service (SaaS) came into its own
What's Next: AI And Data Trends For 2020 And Beyond
InformationWeek, December 30th, 2019
After a year of consolidation and post-hype AI deployment disappointment, here's what we can expect for 2020 and beyond.
20 AI Predictions For 2020
datanami, December 30th, 2019
It doesn't take a soothsayer to know that artificial intelligence will have a bomber 2020
10 AI Trends To Watch In 2020
The Enterprisers Project, December 30th, 2019
Artificial intelligence: Everybody's doing it
5 AI Traps That Dupe CIOs
CIO Dive, January 2nd, 2020
IT leaders, be advised. If there's one thing AI is not, is magic, said Jeff McMillan, chief analytics and data officer at Morgan Stanley
AI Chatbot Technology Predictions For 2020
insideBIGDATA, January 4th, 2020
As we enter 2020 and embrace a brand new decade, technology acceptance is continuing to accelerate for a broad range of industries
Bias: AI's Achille's Heel
InformationWeek, December 31st, 2019
Bias can result in undesirable AI outcomes. A recent DataRobot survey says organizations are most concerned about its impact on trust and their reputations
How AI And Cybersecurity Will Intersect In 2020
Dark Reading, December 30th, 2019
Understanding the new risks and threats posed by increased use of artificial intelligence
Why Machine Learning Services Are Disrupting Every Industry Across The Globe
SmartDataCollective, January 3rd, 2020
Machine learning is having a major impact on the global marketplace. It will have a profound effect on companies of all sizes over the next few years
2020 AI Predictions: Wholistic Adoption, AI-Enabled Business Analysts, Applied AI On Rise
aitrends, January 2nd, 2020
We invited readers to submit their top predictions for the impact of AI on business in 2020. Here is a selection of responses
AI Explosion Brewing In The Cloud For 2020
Information Week, January 2nd, 2020
Expert from Accenture sees the cloud as the gateway for enterprises to access more innovation this year
IT - Humor
Deep Background
Computerworld, December 30th, 2019
When I asked you if you had changed anything - oh, never mind!
Throwback Thursday: Apparently It's Just Not In Their Job Description
Computerworld, January 2nd, 2020
Or 'Toner out' is way too cryptic a message
Windows Vulnerability
Computerworld, January 3rd, 2020
The guinea pig would rather not get shot
IT - Technology
5 Technology Trends For The Roaring 20s, Part 1: Blockchain, Cloud, Open Source
ZDNet, January 3rd, 2020
Data is changing the paradigm in everything from business to social interactions. Here is what will shape the data landscape for the years to come
Browsers Are Interesting Again
TechCrunch, January 4th, 2020
A few years ago, covering browsers got boring
Butter Run: First Autonomous Truck Completes Cross-Country Freight Trip
ZDNet, December 30th, 2019
With tons of butter at stake, this L4 autonomous semi truck delivered on the promise of autonomous cargo technology
Ultra Wideband (UWB) Explained (and Why It's In The iPhone 11)
Computerworld, December 31st, 2019
Ultra Wideband and IoT devices hold the promise of more precise location services as well as secure access to a myriad of systems. The technology, which has been around for years, is built into the latest iPhones
USB-C Brings A Golden Age Of Charging Accessories
CNET, December 30th, 2019
Who knew power dongles could be so interesting?
IT - Bitcoin
Inside the Osaka Conference Where Crypto Got Serious About FATF's 'Travel Rule'
coindesk, December 31st, 2019
This post is part of CoinDesk's 2019 Year in Review, a collection of 100 op-eds, interviews and takes on the state of blockchain and the world
Institutions Likely to Invest Big in Bitcoin in 2020; Here's Why
NEWSBTC, January 2nd, 2020
2020, The Year of Institutional Bitcoin Involvement
IT - Blockchain
10 Top Distributed apps (dApps) for blockchain
Computerworld, December 30th, 2019
These distributed apps are resilient and enable everything from asset tracking to identity verification - oh, and some pretty cool role-playing games, too
How to know if your ERP system is failing
TechHQ, December 30th, 2019
Businesses need to pay attention to the compatibility, reliability, and agility of ERP systems
Top 3 ERP Supply Chain Trends for 2020
ERP Solutions Review, December 30th, 2019
What are the top ERP supply chain trends for 2020?
5 Ways To Get BI To The People Who Need It Most
Toolbox, January 2nd, 2020
Storing data generated by enterprise applications is a requirement
Analytic Platforms To Get The Sales Metrics You Need
Business 2 Community, January 2nd, 2020
Do you have an accurate view of how sales representatives spend their time?
Seeing is believing: How can we take AR and VR to the next level?
TechTalks, January 3rd, 2020
In 2018, $2.8 billion of venture capital money was raised by virtual reality and augmented reality technology-related start-ups globally
Kanban vs Scrum: Understanding The Tools For Agile Success
Business 2 Community, January 2nd, 2020
You'll often hear the question: 'Which is better? Kanban or Scrum?' or variations of this eternal deathmatch between two of the most well-established agile methodologies
IT - Operations
2019 In Review: Top 10 Data Center Stories Of The Year
DataCenter Knowledge, December 30th, 2019
Here are the year's most popular stories on DCK, including a massively distributed storage cloud, Google's multi-cloud gambit, a clearing house for Kubernetes operators, and more
9 Ways To Improve IT And Operational Efficiencies In 2020
Information Week, January 2nd, 2020
Facing economic uncertainty, many IT leaders are looking to become more efficient while also investing in the latest technology.
IT - Linux
BlackArch Linux Ethical Hacking OS Gets First 2020 Release With 120 New Tools
Linux Journal, December 30th, 2019
BlackArch Linux 2020.01.01 is now available to download
Linux And Open-Source Rules: 2019'S Five Biggest Stories Show Why
ZDNet, December 30th, 2019
This was the year when, once and for all, it became clear that the future of technology belongs to Linux and open-source software
10 Open Source Software Alternatives For The New Year, January 1st, 2020
Open source software can help you become better organized, more productive, more secure, and even healthier
7 Game-Changing Moments For Open Source Technologies In 2019
Information Age, January 2nd, 2020
Amanda Brock, CEO of OpenUK, takes us on an end-of-year round-up of the winners and losers in the world of open source technologies
IT - DevOps
8 Must-Read DevOps Articles For Success In 2020, December 30th, 2019
Get up to speed on DevOps with our eight most popular DevOps articles this year
DevOps - The Troubles Of Automating All The Things
jaxenter, January 2nd, 2020
A culture of automation is such a cornerstone of DevOps, one of it's oldest, most famous tropes is 'automate ALL the things'
DevOps Culture: 5 Questions To Ask About Yours
The Enterprisers Project, January 2nd, 2020
Is your team is creating a DevOps culture that can last - or one that is destined for failure? These questions can be illuminating
The Meaning Of DevOps Has Changed A Lot In The Last Decade
ITProToday, December 30th, 2019
Determining the future meaning of DevOps requires a look at the model's past
The Ultimate Benefit Of Devops: Freeing Developers To Be Developers
ZDNet, December 30th, 2019
We want developers to spend their best energies solving the business problem, not on a mat trying to figure out how to put the plumbing together
IT - Cloud
3 Steps To Prepare It Operations For Multi-Cloud
SearchCloudSecurity, January 2nd, 2020
Organizations must ready their IT operations for multi-cloud and the unique security challenges ahead. Equip your IT ops team with the right people and processes to adapt smoothly
The Benefits Of Public Cloud For Businesses Are Undeniable
Information Age, December 30th, 2019
Barry Whitfield, head of cloud at Telstra Purple EMEA, discusses the advantages that can be gained from using public cloud technology
What Cloud Security Events Will 2020 Hold, And What Can Be Done About Them?
Information Management, December 31st, 2019
In the new year, we will see the emergence of refined threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures for exfiltrating customer, company and partner data
IT - Wireless
5 Enterprise Wireless Industry Trends To Track In 2020
Search Networking, December 31st, 2019
Yes, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will continue to grab headlines. But other ongoing wireless industry trends include problematic devices and heavy-handed licensing by vendors
Looking Out To 2030 For Telecoms, Wireless & Adjacent Technologies
Disruptive Wireless, January 2nd, 2020
Predictions For The Next Decade
Top 5 Disaster Recovery And Planning Questions Asked In 2019
SearchDisasterRecovery, December 31st, 2019
What were your top DR planning questions in 2019? While the cloud seems top of mind every year, newer trends like blockchain and orchestration also made the list.
IT - Networks
SD-WAN Drives Managed Network Services Trends For 2020
SearchNetworking, December 30th, 2019
As network operators offer more SD-WAN managed services in 2020, the managed services market will see some major changes regarding price, feature sets and management
The Inevitable Integration Of SD-WAN And Security In 2020
CSO Online, December 30th, 2019
Predicting the future isn't always as difficult as it may seem
IT - IoT
How Agencies Can Bake Data Security Into IoT And Disaster Recovery
GCN, December 30th, 2019
Jet Propulsion Laboratory joined a long-list of public and private organizations that fell victim to a successful cyber attack
IT - Careers
5 Mistakes Managers Should Avoid
Business 2 Community, December 30th, 2019
Congratulations! You have been promoted and are now a manager for the first time
IT - Virtualization
A Hyperconvergence Progress Report: Has Kubernetes Stolen The Show?
DataCenter Knowledge, January 3rd, 2020
If an open source extension succeeds in making Kubernetes a virtual machine orchestrator, the value proposition supporting hyperconvergence could get pulled out from under it
Containers vs. VMs: A Closer Look
Container Journal, January 3rd, 2020
A closer look at the use cases for containers and VMs in software development environments
IT - Compliance
California's New Privacy Law Puts You First. Too Bad Companies Are Ignoring It
CNET, January 2nd, 2020
Days without a CCPA violation: 0
Firefox Will Let Users Delete Collected Data Thanks To California's New Privacy Law
CNET, January 2nd, 2020
Mozilla is making changes to its browser, and not just for users in California
IT - Backup
Vendors Detail Cloud-Based Backup Past, Present, Future
SearchDataBackup, December 30th, 2019
As part of TechTarget's 20th anniversary, we're looking at some of the top trends and technologies over those years. Here, vendors that offer cloud backup discuss this newer trend
What Are Best Practices For Cloud Repatriation With Backups?
SearchDataBackup, December 30th, 2019
In order to migrate backup data from the cloud back to an on-premises environment, you should follow these steps to ensure your data will be safe and smoothly moved
IT - Big Data
5 Data Trends For 2020
CIO Dive, January 3rd, 2020
The company of the future will make most of its major decisions with a little help from data analytics
Big Data Predictions: 8 Analytics Trends In 2020
TechRepublic, December 30th, 2019
In-memory processing, predictive analytics, and data automation will be some of the hottest topics in analytics in the new year
Data 2020 Outlook Part I: The Hybrid Default Era Begins
ZDNet, January 2nd, 2020
In Part I of our outlook for the year ahead, we go behind the headlines to discuss how end-of-life for core enterprise business systems are shaping the next stage of the cloud computing agenda
Top 5 Data Science And Strategy Predictions For 2020
Information Age, December 31st, 2019
For those of us working in the technology industry, the pivotal role that data plays for organisations will come as no surprise
IT - Tape
Tape In The Cloud - Technology Developments And Roadmaps Supporting 80 TB Cartridge Capacities
AIP, December 31st, 2019
IT - Developer
Install Rust Programming Language In Linux
OSTechNix, January 2nd, 2020
Rust or rust-lang, is a modern, fast, cross-platform, and open source systems programming language designed to replace C/C++
What You Need To Know About Rust In 2020, January 3rd, 2020
While many programmers have long used Rust for hobby projects, in 2019, the language attracted support from major technology companies
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