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Need a phone that will work where your smartphone won't? You need a satellite phone! And there are a few options available

"If you do a lot of travelling to places where you find yourself "off the grid" on a regular basis, or you are the sort of person who likes to go on adventures and need to be able to stay in touch when off the grid? Forget the smartphone. What you need is a satellite phone.

OK, a satellite phone might seem a little James Bond -- calling it a "sat phone" adds to the secret agent vibe -- but they are a lot of widespread and accessible than you might think, and there are a number of options available out there..."

COOK, CUPERTINO: Well, um, things are looking up?

"2019 was forecast to be a deflationary year for smartphone makers, and calendar Q3 didn't turn up any surprises - sales shrunk 0.4 per cent globally.

According to stats from Gartner, 387.47 million new phones found their way into the hands of users compared to 389.07 million a year earlier..."

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