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Time-Machine Tuesday: A Non-Smashing Success
ComputerWorld, November 25th, 2019
And another manager who's unclear on the concept

"This IT pilot fish works in a big open-plan office, where the last employee out is supposed to turn off the lights.

One day, the last person is someone who's never before been the last to leave, and she can't find the light switch. She does find a big handle marked 'power,' so she flips that.

Naturally, all the lights go off, along with everything else. But she heads home having done her duty..."

The printer was in storage for 10 months while the building underwent structural changes, according to the Irish Times

"We've all had printer problems, but the Irish government's saga tops them all. A Komori printer, which cost 808,000 Euros ($880,500), was initially delivered to the Houses of the Oireachtas, Ireland's legislature, in December 2018 but couldn't fit into the building, The Irish Times reported over the weekend..."

Annoying, You Say?
ComputerWorld, November 29th, 2019
Really, there ought to be a law

"This European pilot fish has a client whom he long ago learned can't be argued with. She hears only what she wants to hear, believes only what she wants to believe, and does exactly as she pleases. So fish stays out of the way as much as possible, just providing what's asked for. When he sees a potential problem on the horizon, he usually just addresses it, knowing that to bring it to the client's attention would just be an invitation for complaints and arguments..."

Crash Coarse
ComputerWorld, November 27th, 2019
Shouldn't plumbing and electrical systems be kept separate?

"At one of the plants operated by a bedding company, the computer system keeps crashing, so this pilot fish heads out there from HQ to lend a hand to the flummoxed field engineers. They note that the system seems to run for days on end without a problem, but when it does crash, it keeps crashing every 15 to 30 minutes. They put meters on the power lines but don't capture anything for a week. In fact, there are no crashes for a week..."

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