Five Essential Steps To A Sound Disaster Recovery Plan
ComputerWeekly, November 27th, 2019
We walk through the key steps to develop a disaster recovery plan - from risk assessment and setting recovery objectives, to the plan itself and a testing regime to keep it fresh

"An effective disaster recovery plan assumes that the worst can, and will, happen. Organisations face a growing number of risks, from natural disasters and power and network failures, to human error, civil disturbance, public health emergencies, and cyber threats.

IT failures are only one of the risks CIOs need to plan for. And while disasters such as floods or fire rightly attract the board's attention, it is cyber threats that have pushed disaster recovery (DR) planning back up the agenda..."

How Much Cloud Does An IT Disaster Recovery Plan Need?
SearchCloudComputing, November 26th, 2019
To avert disaster, organizations look at all sorts of combinations of cloud-based and on-premises resources

"It's understandable to an extent, but every move to advance your resiliency comes with complications, costs and catches.

A solid IT disaster recovery plan will almost certainly include some coverage from a cloud provider. Valuable information and mission-critical applications in your data center are protected to whatever degree your organization can keep them safe. And that will be fine -- until it's not. In a moment of crisis, where do you turn? Unless you've got a reasonably sophisticated second data center elsewhere, the business is in considerable peril..."

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