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Digital Transformation: 3 Leadership Approaches That Work
The Enterprisers Project, November 25th, 2019
Sometimes, digital transformation means getting bagels in customers' hands faster. Listen to real-world stories of how to get - and stay - closer to customers

"Organizations engage in digital transformation as much out of necessity as desire, scrambling to keep up with the opportunities promised by technology and threats from technology-enabled competition.

CIOs who've logged early success say it has less to do with the specific technology applied than with the transformation part of digital transformation. The biggest thing that has changed about how technology interacts with business is how much transformation is possible..."

CIOs also need to expand their relationships within their banks with everyone from senior leaders in business and marketing to rank-and-file specialists in digital strategy, systems architecture, and infrastructure management and data management.

"As groundbreaking digital technologies continue to reshape the banking landscape across the globe, chief information and technology officers have become their banks' lead playmakers when it comes to preparing for the future and can now, with the right tools and support, revolutionise all aspects of operations..."

Intuit CTO Marianna Tessel and CIO Atticus Tysen collaborate to reimagine the company's financial software as self-service technology supported by AI

"Intuit is relying on a formidable one-two punch as it infuses its financial software with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities: its CTO and CIO, who ensure that technology built to fuel internal systems makes its way into the company's products.

Intuit CTO Marianna Tessel is responsible for the $6.7 billion company's tech strategy and direction and works with the various business units to ensure that TurboTax, QuickBooks and other products ship. Tessel's remit also includes communicating information about and the company's products to customers, and in turn, using customer feedback to refine those products..."

5 Steps To Becoming A Data-Driven Leader
The Enterprisers Project, November 26th, 2019
As a flood of big data and analysis tools rushes toward them, leaders are frozen - defaulting back to flying by the seat of their pants

"Take these concrete steps to change your ways...

Data-driven leadership sounds so simple. With the quantum leaps in technology over the last decade or so, shouldn't leaders be able to effortlessly shift their decision-making to include better and better information?

As it turns out - nope..."

Does IT lack an 'It' factor? Only one in four IT leaders see their efforts delivering competitive advantage, most efforts are maintenance and upgrades

"Digital initiatives may only be helping companies stay in the game, rather than giving a lift to their competitiveness. But this has been a problem that has been persisting for years. Where's the next great frontier for information technology, and how can IT step up its game?

The ubiquity and widespread availability of technology is a double-edged sword: it makes it easier for enterprises to step up their digital games, and at the same time, it becomes more of a "utility" that everyone simply is expected to have..."

The Super-Resilient Organisation
ComputerWeekly, November 27th, 2019
We need to build super-resilient organisations that can not only survive in a tempestuous world, but become energised by it

"Most organisations are like dinner plates - they are optimised for one function. A plate can bear the weight of food. Even heavy food. It can even bear the weight of a human if placed on the floor. So dinner plates can take a great deal of force. But only in one direction and in a very specific situation (flat on an even floor). If you test the plate by slamming it against the edge of a table, it will break. It was not designed for such a force..."

What It Takes To Be An Interim CISO
CSO Online, November 29th, 2019
Being an interim or virtual CISO (vCISO) comes with many of the same demands of permanent security leadership roles, but also has its own unique challenges and rewards

"Whether interim or virtual, non-permanent CISO roles are becoming more common. They help fill a gap for companies unsure of, or unable to find, what they need on a permanent basis and offer benefits to experienced security professionals who want more variety in their role.

These temporary roles offer many of the same challenges faced by permanent CISOs, but also offer unique challenges for those taking up the position and require additional skills and traits..."

What Is The Role Of CISO In Network Security?
SearchSecurity, November 26th, 2019
The role of CISO in network security goes beyond risk management. It also requires understanding compliance regulations and business needs, as well as the ability to communicate security policies to non technical employees

"The role of the CISO is to provide the overarching security roadmap for the organization, and securing the network is a vital part of that. The network creates the foundation for all applications and data managed by the company's IT department, making it the primary target for where security prevention tools are implemented.

A CISO must understand how the business plans to utilize the data network. With this understanding, the CISO can create a security framework that enables the business to perform the tasks needed with the lowest amount of risk. While the CISO does not implement the actual network security technologies outlined in the framework, a previous technical background in IT networking or network implementation only benefits the security program..."

Digital Transformation: 3 People Pain Points
The Enterprisers Project, November 29th, 2019
Digital transformation challenges always boil down to people. Are you soothing skepticism, opening up communication, and setting realistic goals?

"Considering the insatiable customer appetite for better and more efficient service, digital transformation is now a bit of an arms race: Companies that resist it risk being left behind by their competitors and customers.

During my long tenure as an IT leader, I've found that the biggest challenges in any company change always boils down to people. In today's world, where the modus operandi is to get things done as quickly as possible, it can be easy to lose sight of the things that will help a project go well..."

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