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A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from someone who was recently laid off from his job

"This guy was an acquaintance. I had met him before at events, but only in passing. So, I didn't have direct work experience with him, I wasn't a fellow colleague and he wasn't a friend. I steered him to my weekly Talking Points e-newsletter, where I share open positions weekly. And I spent a few minutes on the phone with him providing advice.

This is a pretty common occurrence-I get these types of inquiries routinely. Partly because friends and colleagues send people my way. And partly because some people apparently think I'm a full-time recruiter (insert smiley face emoji here)!..."

Organizations must have a clear business strategy that aligns software development to wider business objectives. Here are four tips to help in this effort.

"Firms today are facing several challenges as they undergo digital transformation. From small businesses to large organizations, all need technology to drive their businesses forward. Key to this undertaking is cultivating developer talent. Whether migrating services and systems to the cloud, or accelerating innovation cycles using the latest technologies and software development methodologies, there is no hiding from the universally acknowledged statement that 'Every business is a software business'..."

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