IT - Big Data

Buzzwords. What would a meeting be without at least one thrown out per minute?

"Everyone uses them (although some more often and/or correctly than others), yet many of us secretly cringe every time we hear them.

But why do we hate buzzwords? Afterall they're often useful and (are intended) to describe a relevant least initially. Buzzwords are akin to the technology adoption curve, except that the early adopters are typically describing a specific niche concept with one particular shared meaning..."

Imagine the possibilities of combining data across markets and industries without the cost and expertise barriers of implementing traditional data sharing

"There are a growing number of data collaboration solution providers competing to solve the IT management challenges of enterprise data fragmentation. This is the problem where siloed teams all want to work on large data sets, including data from other teams, and so copies of the data are made and shared, resulting in increased costs of storing and managing multiple copies of the same data in an enterprise..."

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