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IT - CxO
Digital Transformation: 3 Leadership Approaches That Work
The Enterprisers Project, November 25th, 2019
Sometimes, digital transformation means getting bagels in customers' hands faster. Listen to real-world stories of how to get - and stay - closer to customers
The New Superhero: How CIO & CTO Drive Banks' Move To Digital
Information Age, November 29th, 2019
CIOs also need to expand their relationships within their banks with everyone from senior leaders in business and marketing to rank-and-file specialists in digital strategy, systems architecture, and infrastructure management and data management.
Intuit Proves The Power Of CTO-CIO Collaboration
CIO, November 25th, 2019
Intuit CTO Marianna Tessel and CIO Atticus Tysen collaborate to reimagine the company's financial software as self-service technology supported by AI
5 Steps To Becoming A Data-Driven Leader
The Enterprisers Project, November 26th, 2019
As a flood of big data and analysis tools rushes toward them, leaders are frozen - defaulting back to flying by the seat of their pants
CIOs Concerned IT Not Providing Enough Of A Competitive Edge
ZDNet, November 29th, 2019
Does IT lack an 'It' factor? Only one in four IT leaders see their efforts delivering competitive advantage, most efforts are maintenance and upgrades
The Super-Resilient Organisation
ComputerWeekly, November 27th, 2019
We need to build super-resilient organisations that can not only survive in a tempestuous world, but become energised by it
What It Takes To Be An Interim CISO
CSO Online, November 29th, 2019
Being an interim or virtual CISO (vCISO) comes with many of the same demands of permanent security leadership roles, but also has its own unique challenges and rewards
What Is The Role Of CISO In Network Security?
SearchSecurity, November 26th, 2019
The role of CISO in network security goes beyond risk management. It also requires understanding compliance regulations and business needs, as well as the ability to communicate security policies to non technical employees
Digital Transformation: 3 People Pain Points
The Enterprisers Project, November 29th, 2019
Digital transformation challenges always boil down to people. Are you soothing skepticism, opening up communication, and setting realistic goals?
Is MFA Obsolete Before Many Even Adopt It?
CSO Online, November 28th, 2019
Multifactor authentication or MFA for short
Simplifying Eight Key Authentication Terms
Intelligent CIO, November 28th, 2019
Industry jargon around authentication is practically inescapable
IT - Storage
NAS, SAN, Or DAS? Quiz Yourself On These 3 Types Of Storage
SearchStorage, November 26th, 2019
It's not easy to choose and deploy a data storage infrastructure system. Take this test to find out if you're ready to assess whether DAS, NAS or SAN is right for your business
SC19 Becoming One Of Largest Storage Events
Storage Newsletter, November 25th, 2019
The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, is the biggest WW show for HPC and now also for storage
IT - Security
Home Safe: 20 Cybersecurity Tips For Your Remote Workers
Dark Reading, November 25th, 2019
How can you protect your precious corporate endpoints from the mysterious dangers that might await when you're not by their side?
Cybercriminals Targeting E-Commerce Website Vulnerabilities This Holiday Season
HelpNet Security, November 25th, 2019
Expect unprecedented levels of online data theft this holiday season due to a lack of deployed client-side security measures
5 Ways To Champion And Increase Your 2020 Security Budget
Dark Reading, November 26th, 2019
Give your organization's leadership an impactful, out-of-office experience so they know what's at stake with their budgeting decisions.
Key Features In Building A Security Operations Center
SearchSecurity, November 25th, 2019
Building a security operations center means understanding the key features you need to ensure your network remains protected against threats
Social Engineering: The Insider Threat To Cybersecurity
Business 2 Community, November 26th, 2019
Social engineering, banal as it sounds, is an insidious way of getting "insider access" into an organization's network and data
The Seven Types Of e-Commerce Fraud Explained
Information Age, November 25th, 2019
Karsten Witke, head of payment services risk at PPRO Group, discusses the different ways in which e-commerce fraud can be committed
Why It's Vital To Test Your Cybersecurity Against Multi-Vector Attacks
Techworm, November 29th, 2019
Hackers have become relentless in targeting businesses these days
Role Of AI In Cybersecurity And 6 Possible Product Options
SearchSecurity, November 26th, 2019
Cyberthreats loom large in this modern IT environment. Explore the six most common roles of AI in cybersecurity and the products synthesizing them
DDoS: An Underestimated Threat
Dark Reading, November 26th, 2019
Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have become more common, more powerful, and more useful to attackers. Here's how to fight back
Data Breached In Translation
CSO Online, November 27th, 2019
Online language translation software caused a data leak at Statoil. Use these best practices to keep translated information secure
Practical Principles For Security Metrics
Dark Reading, November 27th, 2019
A proactive approach to cybersecurity requires the right tools, not more tools
AI Meets CRM And BI: 15 Salesforce Einstein And Einstein Analytics Announcements From Dreamforce 2019
ZDNet, November 27th, 2019
Salesforce is pushing natural language and machine learning capabilities beyond the boundaries of its sales and service clouds
Employers' Focus On Continuous Learning Is Driving LMS Demand
HRDIVE, November 26th, 2019
A focus on continuous learning is among the factors driving increased employer demand for learning management systems, according to a study made available by Research and Markets
8 Ways To Prepare Your Data Center For AI's Power Draw
Networkworld, November 25th, 2019
Artificial intelligence requires greater processor density, which increases the demand for cooling and raises power requirements
AI Bias A Real Concern In Business, Survey Says
datanami, November 26th, 2019
The potential benefits of AI for businesses are huge
AI: From Great Villain To Global Manufacturing Equalizer
EnterpriseAI, November 26th, 2019
When computers were introduced to businesses in the 1950s and 60s, some people looked at them in fear
Data Security And Automation Top IT Projects For 2020, AI Not A Priority
HelpNet Security, November 25th, 2019
Data security and automation are the top IT projects for 2020, while artificial intelligence projects are not in the top 10 for IT professionals, according to Netwrix
GPUs Continue To Dominate The AI Accelerator Market For Now
InformationWeek, November 27th, 2019
As enterprises embark on AI and machine learning strategies, chip makers like NVIDIA, Intel and AMD are battling to become the standard hardware providers
Sniffing Out Errors
insideBIGDATA, November 26th, 2019
As seasoned analysts will know; it can be difficult to identify when to draw a line under your Predictive Modelling, accept its performance as sufficient for your purposes and move on to deployment
IT - Humor
Time-Machine Tuesday: A Non-Smashing Success
ComputerWorld, November 25th, 2019
And another manager who's unclear on the concept
Irish Government Spends $1M On Printer Too Big To Fit In Building
CNET, November 27th, 2019
The printer was in storage for 10 months while the building underwent structural changes, according to the Irish Times
Annoying, You Say?
ComputerWorld, November 29th, 2019
Really, there ought to be a law
Crash Coarse
ComputerWorld, November 27th, 2019
Shouldn't plumbing and electrical systems be kept separate?
IT - Technology
Best Satellite Phone Communication Gadgets
ZDNet, November 30th, 2019
Need a phone that will work where your smartphone won't? You need a satellite phone! And there are a few options available
Smartphones: Who Grew In Q3? A) Everyone. B) Asian Vendors. C) Apple
The Register, November 26th, 2019
COOK, CUPERTINO: Well, um, things are looking up?
IT - Bitcoin
Simon Malls Has 5 New Bitcoin ATMs With Bitstop Partnership
CoinDesk, November 27th, 2019
Crypto ATM provider Bitstop is rolling out new machines in partnership with the U.S.'s largest retail shopping mall operator
IT - Blockchain
Blockchain In 2020: 5 Trends To Watch
The Enterprisers Project, November 26th, 2019
Predictions 2020: Distributed Ledger Technology Moves Beyond Proof Of Concept
ZDNet, November 25th, 2019
In 2020 users of blockchain and distributed ledger technology will focus on operational matters, deployment flexibility and, interconnectivity. Read our 2020 predictions to learn more
Get Ready For These Six 2020 Business Intelligence Trends
SmartDataCollective, November 25th, 2019
What can you expect in terms of 2020 business intelligence trends? Here's what you need to keep in mind and prepare for on the horizon
The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Project Timeline
Business 2 Community, November 26th, 2019
A project timeline is a key part of any project manager's arsenal
Three Things You Can Do To Achieve Project Management Success
Technology Pundits, November 26th, 2019
If you're an executive project manager, your company expects you to meet every project deadline at the expected budget
IT - Operations
4 Essential Steps To Build A Profitable Saas MVP
Business 2 Community, November 25th, 2019
A new business model is sweeping the world
5 Must-Have IT Infrastructure Automation Tools
InformationWeek, November 29th, 2019
There's no one tool that can do it all. But in the end, it is all about tools that provide maximum ROI within the given budget
Increase Efficiency With Data Center Temperature Monitorin
SearchDataCenter, November 26th, 2019
Data centers must track multiple temperature components. Organizations can use ASHRAE standards and on-premises hardware for easier monitoring
U.S. Facility May Have Best Data Center PUE
SearchDataCenter, November 27th, 2019
The data center energy efficiency metric, power usage effectiveness, or PUE, is not improving. But one supercomputer data center is showing that big improvements are possible
IT - Social Media
10 Content Ideas To Make Your Social Media Stand Out
Business 2 Community, November 30th, 2019
By the year 2020, there will be nearly 3 billion social media users worldwide
IT - Database
What Are Some Best Practices For Planning Database Backups?
SearchDataBackup, November 26th, 2019
Adhering to service-level agreements, keeping up with performance demands and planning for future workloads are just a few of the goals you should keep in mind when planning database backups
IT - Server
5 Reasons Why Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Could Be Right For You
SearchConvergedInfrastructure, November 26th, 2019
The reasons for going hyper-converged vary. Often, however, organizations deploy HCI technology to effectively address one or more of the five issues outlined in this article
Develop A 7-Step Server Maintenance Checklist
SearchDataCenter, November 25th, 2019
For effective server maintenance, admins must perform proactive hardware and software checks. Any list must include dusting, log review and software patch tests
IT - Linux
You've Come A Long Way, Linux-Baby
LinuxInsider, November 27th, 2019
When Linux first emerged from its cocoon in a frenzied Usenet thread, it is doubtful that almost anyone imagined the project would ascend to global prominence
How Open Source Changed Everything - Again
InfoWorld, November 27th, 2019
The biggest open source innovations of the decade, from Git and Docker to data science and the cloud
Why Do We Contribute To Open Source Software?, November 27th, 2019
Dive into the research supporting the open source ecosystem and developers' motivations for participating
IT - DevOps
DevOps: Get The Basics Right To Avoid Costly Mistakes, November 27th, 2019
It is a truth of both agile and DevOps that speed is of the essence
IT - Cloud
Juggling A Multi-Cloud Security Strategy Takes Work
SearchCloudSecurity, November 25th, 2019
Enterprise security best practices must account for changes in cloud landscapes. Learn how to overcome such challenges and bolster multi-cloud security with technology and policy
Five Essential Steps To A Sound Disaster Recovery Plan
ComputerWeekly, November 27th, 2019
We walk through the key steps to develop a disaster recovery plan - from risk assessment and setting recovery objectives, to the plan itself and a testing regime to keep it fresh
How Much Cloud Does An IT Disaster Recovery Plan Need?
SearchCloudComputing, November 26th, 2019
To avert disaster, organizations look at all sorts of combinations of cloud-based and on-premises resources
IT - Networks
Understanding The Evolution Of Ethernet
SearchNetworking, November 25th, 2019
First developed by Xerox PARC in the 1970s and ratified by IEEE as a standard in 1983, the evolution of Ethernet has taken this LAN technology through dozens of specifications
IT - IoT
Predictions 2020: IoT Expansion Brings Even More Change
ZDNet, November 25th, 2019
Business use of the internet of things continues to expand. Read Forrester's predictions on what to expect from the IoT market in 2020
IT - Careers
6 Answers To Commonly-Asked Questions I'm Getting From The Modern Job Seeker
Business 2 Community, November 26th, 2019
A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from someone who was recently laid off from his job
Developing The Developer: How To Attract And Keep Top Talent
InformationWeek, November 27th, 2019
Organizations must have a clear business strategy that aligns software development to wider business objectives. Here are four tips to help in this effort.
IT - Virtualization
Virtual Machine Advantages: 4 Reasons To Keep Loving VMs
ITProToday, November 25th, 2019
Continue to consider virtual machine advantages when evaluating options such as serverless and containers
IT - Compliance
Privacy Compliance Rules Shaping Future IT Security Processes
SearchSecurity, November 27th, 2019
As companies scramble to comply with consumer data privacy compliance mandates, like GDPR, CCPA and others on the horizon, IT security will shoulder much of the process burden
IT - Backup
Container Backup Grows, Following Container Adoption
SearchDataBackup, November 27th, 2019
Although demand for container backup remains low, vendors anticipate growth in this area. Containers have shifted from being lightweight throwaways to persistent mini-VMs
IT - Big Data
'Big Data' And 'Analytics' - Two Of The Top Buzzwords Everyone Secretly Hates
Information Management, November 25th, 2019
Buzzwords. What would a meeting be without at least one thrown out per minute?
How Data Collaboration Solves Big Data's Biggest Problems
Information Age, November 25th, 2019
Imagine the possibilities of combining data across markets and industries without the cost and expertise barriers of implementing traditional data sharing
IT - Java
Machine Learning For Java Developers, Part 1: Algorithms For Machine Learning
Javaworld, November 27th, 2019
Set up a machine learning algorithm and develop your first prediction function in Java
IT - Developer
An Alarming Number Of Software Teams Are Missing Cybersecurity Expertise
Dark Reading, November 26th, 2019
The overwhelming majority of developers worry about security and consider it important, yet many lack a dedicated cybersecurity leader
Gartner: What To Consider Before Adopting Low-Code Development
ComputerWeekly, November 25th, 2019
Low-code tooling offers many benefits but cost, security, product selection and application should be carefully considered
Predictions 2020: More Changes For Software Development
ZDNet, November 27th, 2019
The world of software development will see big changes. Learn Forrester Research's top 5 predictions for the software development market in 2020
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