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How do they provide new levels of capacity, density and fast connectivity?

"Over the last 5 years, what mid-sized enterprises expect from their technology infrastructures has changed.

Data and the continuous availability of the systems that provide that data are critical to virtually all business operations. Beyond operations, we have entered a period of digital transformation where data has become a tactical and even strategic resource. Data is the foundation for value creation. Enterprise storage systems are changing in a variety of ways to address enterprise expectations for continuous availability, greater capacity, and the performance required to support critical workloads..."

Top 10 Cloud File Sharing Services
linuxtoday, October 27th, 2019
These top 10 cloud file sharing services enable users and organizations to easily load, store and access files on a cloud-based service

"One of the most popular cloud computing use-cases for organizations of all sizes is for file sharing and synchronization.

Cloud file sharing and synchronization services enables users and organizations to easily load, store and access files on a service from a cloud company. Synchronization can keep local, on-premises version in-sync with the cloud. Cloud file sharing services have emerged over the past decade to become mainstays for many IT users, sometimes augmenting and often replacing the need for on-premises local file storage sharing..."

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