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Hyperscalers are the masters of the IT universe, gravitational centers of increasing pull in the emerging age of data-driven compute and AI

"In the high-stakes, winner-take-all world of the hyperscale elite, 11 companies spent more than $1 billion apiece on IT infrastructure in 2018, three spent more than $5 billion and one, Google, broke the $10 billion spend barrier.

According to HPC and hyperscale analyst firm Intersect360 Research, the worldwide hyperscale market totaled $57 billion in IT spending in 2018, a 30 percent expansion over 2017.

Investment at the high end of the hyperscale market is staggering, with the top 11 vendors accounting for 82 percent of spending last year. And while Addison Snell, Intersect360 CEO, said the hyperscale industry has 'completed most of its initial expansion phase and will heretofore be predominantly driven by consolidation,' he expects the market to grow beyond $100 billion within five years..."

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